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Episode 7: The Big Ol' Adepticon/New England Mordheim/Dungeon Siege Round-up

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Thanks for checking out Episode 7! Finally we are back at the crypt, recording in the Old Ways. In this episode we wrap-up from our action-packed March, talk about some future projects and what we've been working on hobby wise. You'll hear stories of late nights at Denny's, us stumbling to define the ungraspable term "grimdark," learn about Steve's elbow-dropping backyard wrestling days, and about In Rust We Trust's new obsession with 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy.

The future looks bright for the Hive Scum crew, come see what's in store.

Yippee-ki-yay motherscummers

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Stick around until the end to hear an exclusive new track from the homies in Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean

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If you have a submission for the post-podcast Grimdark Story section send us an email at [email protected], we hope to hear your tales, we'll be back next week (probably) with more stories!

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Gage: @noclearcoat

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Terry: @stone.jaw

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