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Episode 6: Looks Like the Warp Has Brought Me Here!!

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Thanks for checking out Episode 6! In this episode we got a chance to meet up and record with a lot of our friends in the Grimdark Alley at Adepticon. It's a real hodge-podge of hobbyists all telling their backstories and what they are up to currently. You'll hear about great new game ideas (if you steal them we will find you!), new perspectives on old hobby ideas, chaotic thrift store finds, and an unhinged special guest pop-in where I (terry) get bullied for wanting control of the Gotham underworld.

Join the In Rust We Trust discord here: IRWT Discord

Buy all of the Under the Dice Merch including the amazing mechs sculpted by Ana Polanšćak (@gardensofhecate) here: Under the Dice

Here are some IG Links to the people we talked to!

Dellon: @whitetigertablecraft

Steven: @bigboygametime

Tanner: @simpsominiatures

Seb: @itcouldbeseb

Rory: @rat_boy_minis

Evan: @itswhatevan

Mike: @gundamofficialhobby

Stick around until the end for live MEAT GRINDER coverage by @anonymous_tabletop (Anonymous Tabletop Podcast)

If you have a submission for the post-podcast Grimdark Story section send us an email at [email protected], we hope to hear your tales!

We are on IG:

Gage: @noclearcoat

Steve: @sovthofheaven

Terry: @stone.jaw

Phil: @bloodtrancefusion

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