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Episode 5: Live at NEMO23 *All the Stars are Here*

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Join us for the wyrd world of NEMO23, coming at you live from the cold heart of the North - Chicopee, MA. It's a real who's who of characters, we have 'em all from Sweet Deane, to the Wiers, Totally_Not_Panicking and more! It's true Chaos in the Streets and not to be missed.

Join the In Rust We Trust discord here: IRWT Discord

Join the New England Mordheim Open discord here to see some photos: NEMO Discord

Here are some IG Links to the people we talked to!

Paul: @wyrdstoned

Greg: @denimdayjob

Wier's Blog: @btwnbolterandme

Check out the amazing Between the Bolter and Me coverage, as well as their wonderful Podcast Dragged into Turbolasers: HERE!

David: @davidhoskins

Bobby: @favoredterrain

Matt: @totally_not_panicking

Joe (Grim Dark Nine): @thesaltyslug

Big thank you to Andy for the story at the end of the pod! @nomad_predation

If you have a submission for the post-podcast Grimdark Story section send us an email at [email protected], we hope to hear your tales!

We are on IG

Gage: @noclearcoat

Steve: @sovthofheaven

Terry: @stone.jaw

Phil: :*

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