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Episode 4: Going Ape! with Paul Mordheim

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Thanks for checking out Episode 4! In this episode you'll hear our interview with Paul Mordheim, as well as how Gage was ripped off by Paul Wall, How we plan to build an empire of dirt, Paul's favorite car, Monkey movies of the 80's and 90s, as well as all things #NEMO23

Check out Paul on IG @wyrdstoned

Join the In Rust We Trust discord here: IRWT Discord

Join the New England Mordheim Open discord here: NEMO Discord

Vendor link for NEMO23: UTD Big Cartel

Here are some special links from Paul:

How to Get Started with Mordheim

Prominus IV Terrain Course

Searchable online Mordheim rulebook

We also talked a lot about GrimForge before we started, and is worth a look!

If you have a submission for the post-podcast Grimdark Story section send us an email at [email protected], we hope to hear your tales!

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Gage: @noclearcoat

Steve: @sovthofheaven

Terry: @stone.jaw

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