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Episode 16: Go Paint Some Models

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Greetings traveler, we're glad to see you again! Thanks for joining us for Episode 16. This week, we talk about how scary the New England woods are, and about horror in movies, RPGs, and video games. Steve talks his struggles with using oil washes, Terry tells us about the time a moth flew into his mouth, Gage gushes about A24 (probably has done it before), and Phil does a wee bit of online shopping mid-episode (we forgive him) but does tell us the best way to kill a burrow of yellow jackets (the results will SHOCK you).

Special guest appearance by Chris Griffin (@pied_pewter_piper)

Big shout out to all those Scumbags that decided to join our Patreon, we are still in the hunting stage of a space but we are hoping to be able to score a sweet studio/gaming hub in the next couple of months thanks to you! (we have had so many disappointments...)

Watch your cashew consumption, and don't forget to Bash the Planet!

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