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Episode 13: Grimdark Recreational Vehicular Combat

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Big Lucky 13! Thanks for joining us for another wild ride. Today we talk big about the Hondious event and Rich Grimmond, put on by Martin (, Mike (@gundamofficialhobby) and help from the wonderful Bill (@the_ruin.501) We tell you about all of our old and new friends we got to party with down in yonder Virginia, and the hijinks included. You'll hear about Gage driving 100 mph through the night to get us down there, Phil fills us in on a little about marsupials, Steve talks about how he would recreate a Blanche artwork in 3D if he had all the time/money/resources he needed and Terry reminds us about the scandalous artwork of Disney animation.

Big praise for Pauly Mordheim (@wyrdstoned on IG), without him there's no way the Grimdark Recreational Vehicle would have come to be, nor would the sweet sweet games of on-the-road BattleTech led by Brad (@bitsbibsorks).

For more coverage of the event please give Tabletop Wizards some love (@tabletop.wizards) and check out their video here: Rich Grimmond 2023

Big shout out to all those Scumbags that decided to join our Patreon, we are still in the hunting stage of a space but we are hoping to be able to score a sweet studio/gaming hub in the next couple of months thanks to you!

Remember the Rule of Carnage, and make sure you Bash the Planet!

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