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Episode 12: Birth, Death, and Wild Willy's

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It's Episode 12 baybee! Today we talk about how it all came to be, how the boy's stories aligned. You'll hear about Steve getting kicked out of Games Workshop for abusing his paint pot privileges, how Phil pressured one of his best friends to spend their first paycheck on a Warhammer Fantasy starter box, how Gage was taken aback by the sheer magnificence of the Catachan warriors and how Terry stumbled into the junkyard garage of a madman, with a little help from Steve and Phil. A sneaky peek into how this group of degenerates formed into one Hive Mind - and how you can get involved with your area and do the same.

Big shout out to all those Scumbags that decided to join our Patreon, we are still in the hunting stage of a space but we are hoping to be able to score a sweet studio/gaming hub in the next couple of months thanks to you! tune in, drop out, and make sure you Bash the Planet!

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