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Listen to the latest news, gossip, street talk, hip hop news, drama, and music interviews done by Hip Hop Movement. This is the official Hip Hop Movement podcast there is nothing like hearing about hip hop from the movement that was there at the beginning of hip hop the hip hop movement its self and from the living legend who coined the term 6 elements of the hip hop movement Ron " Bee-Stinger" Savage.

This is the official Hip Hop Movement Podcast. The hip hop movement was started during the first beginning of Hip Hop, people came from miles around just to be a part of this new thing of DJing and MCing. The hip-hop movement is now used in an official capacity. Join us as we talk about many different social issues and different topics, it's not just hip hop.

Hip is the Culture Hop is the Movement

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58 épisodes

  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Episode 58)


    On episode 58 hip hop movement podcast Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage speaks on domestic violence. October is domestic violence month.
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Episode 58 - Mental Health Is Not A Game


    Talk PodcastHip Hop Movement Podcast host Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage speaks on mental health mixed with bullying. Depression Awareness
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

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  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Episode 57 - Hip Hop Movement Podcast


    Episode 57 playing 30 minutes of all hip hop music
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Let's Address Monty Woodgrain BS - Episode 56


    You all in your feelings because I said something about you, so let's get this straight you can pop all the nonsense about me and I'm not supposed to say nothing back, bro it don't work that way.
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Episode 54 - Hip Hop Movement Podcast


    This episode of Hip Hop movement podcast is all hip hop music, and a few new songs like: The Chosen One by Amari Mar.
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Episode 53 - Our Opinion On The Home Invasion Of Lil Durk,


    Ron Savage harass to take bambaataa to courtRon "Bee-Stinger" Savage finally takes the bold step and tells the public the behind the scenes truth of him being forced, harassed and made up tiktok lies were being told on him ( by the two individuals who claim to care about the childhood survivors of this sexual abuse) to slander his name into making him take his accuser to court, for a big finale and their documentary that they made on my pain and story, and how this certain podcaster has been lying to the public making it appear that he can take his accuser to court to go to jail under the one year look back window of the child victim act, which is a out-and-out lie, and how his name was being trashed to force him to be in their documentary.If I have to do it all over again I would never have been twitting on Twitter and went on the Star chamber show slash the star report. That was one of the worst things I've could have ever done in my entire life me being a survivor and being intimidated threatened harassed by the person I went to for help or in the name of share like subscribe and making money and selling a documentary. I would never encourage any type of victim to put this type of information out on YouTube it belongs in a controlled environment which is the doctor's office.
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Episode 52 - These No Good Trifling Chicks At Your Job


    These no good trifling chicks are no good, look out for them and expose them for who they are, like we are soon. This one chick and her backers messed with the wrong person.
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast
  • Hip Hop Movement Podcast podcast

    Episode 50 - Asian Doll Claps Back At Saucy Santana Our Thoughts


    #gigidimples #citygirls #yungmiamiHip Hop Movement Podcast (episode # 50)Asian Doll Drags Yung Miami Friend Saucy Santana After Santana Throws Shade At Asian 0ver Yung Miami.We play hip hop music on the podcast, This is the Official Hip Hop Movement Hosted by Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage

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