Digits and Destinies podcast

Digits and Destinies

Dr. Linda Banihashemi

Ever think about the stories that numbers might tell if they could chat over a cup of coffee? Well, 'Digits and Destinies' is your cosy corner where we unwrap these tales. We meet folks who've danced with numbers, letting math guide them to incredible adventures and discoveries. From tech wizards to financial gurus, they've all got a story where digits played a starring role. So, pull up a chair, lean in, and let’s dive into the amazing world where numbers meet life's big and small moments.

The show is hosted by Dr. Nahid Linda Banihashemi who is an applied mathematician and mathematics educator. She is also the founder of Bungee Pi which helps children learn mathematics using storytelling, animations and real life applications. She is based in Sydney, Australia. https://au.linkedin.com/in/nahidlinda

16 épisodes