Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

Journey to the Centre of Food

Journey to the Centre of Food

For curious food lovers everywhere, jump onboard for a trip to discover the wonders of our simplest ingredients and to the furthest reaches of culinary imagination.

81 épisodes

  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    69: Dinner with Henry the 8th - Tudor food secrets


    Take a trip back to the court of Henry Tudor on the show this week, as Jay and James welcome in guest host and Food Historian Marc Meltonville, to explore what was eaten in the royal palaces, the ingredients being used and the power that the food had over the whole country.  Also they vote in another useless kitchen gadget to the hall of fame and try to figure out where food trends come from.
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    68: Booze Special How to Drink like James Bond with Guest Host Olly Smith


    You deserve a bottle of wine!  Join Jay, James and special guest host Olly Smith as they delve inside celebrity drinking habit, including Gary Barlow, Pink and Steven Seagal, explore how best to drink yourself into becoming 007, pick avocados with Tom Sellek and explore the biggest alcohol cloud in the universe.  
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

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  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    67: Dinner at Stonehenge and Eating T-Rex


    On this show the guys take a trip back in time, as they welcome in special guest archeologist Ed Simons to explore amazing new findings about how people ate at Stonehenge, they induct three new gadgets in the 'rubbish kitchen gadget hall of fame', and they set out to cook the impossible, by discovering what T-Rex would taste like 85 million years ago.
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    66: Kitchen Gadgets - the good, the bad and the useless


    Join Heston, Jay and James as they crack open the kitchen cupboard and have a rummage through the remarkable variety of wonderful and rubbish gadgets we all have hidden there.  From Spiralisers to electric Knives, Melon ballers to apple de-corers, this is a joyous trip inside everything good and bad about kitchen gadgets. 
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    65: Dinner on a Nuclear Sub and Attacking Rude Diners - Mailbag


    Delve into another mailbag with Heston as he explores everything from fried chicken and ice cream sandwiches to dining on a submarine, stories of trying to attack rude diners to the best way to eat Scandinavian fermented fish.
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    64: Ovens


    Join Heston and he gets all hot and bothered talking about ovens.  From hundred thousand pound creations to the humble home oven, Agas to Fat Duck specials, take a deep dive inside this most important of kitchen devices to discover how best to maximise yours and the adventures Heston has had with his over the years.
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    63: Fancy a Curry?


    Join Heston, Jay and James as they delve into the wonderful world of curry.  From Heston's adventures in the spice markets of India to fond memories of the British curry house, they explore the unexpected history and unique cooking techniques of curry, whilst also trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of the hot towels.   A spicy adventure into Britain's favourite food.
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    62: How To Build A Kitchen


    Grand Designs Heston style.  In this episode we explore all Heston's thoughts on the best way to build both a professional and domestic kitchen.   From a £12 million pound masterpiece to a normal home kitchen, we look at what it takes to make the best space to cook in and how Heston's previous kitchen experiences have shaped his cooking completely.  So grand your tool belt and get ready to rethink your culinary space. 
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    61: Eating the World's Most Disgusting Food


    The big day has arrived, as Heston, Jay and James finally try and eat the most disgusting food on the planet.  Before they tuck into their fermented fish, they explore other gross dishes eaten around the world and discuss how our minds can bend the idea of 'disgusting' within our eating.  Then it's time to open their cans and try Scandinavia's finest, an experience none of them will forget!
  • Journey to the Centre of Food podcast

    60: Creating Heston's New Cook Book


    This week we take an exclusive trip inside Heston's experimental food lab, to witness how he is creating his new cook book.  Hearing from the team helping him build it, discovering what the book will be all about, and delving behind the scenes of Heston's creative process to change how we all think about cooking and eating.  

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