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Welcome to the Gymnazo Podcast where you get to peak behind the curtains of what it takes to create and run a 7-figure fitness facility that ranks in the top 5% of boutique fitness studios for revenue. But to be honest, that’s the least interesting thing about us. Founded by Michael Hughes, Gymnazo has created an eco-system of services that blend performance with restoration techniques and attracts top coaches to its facility. Hosted by owners Paden and Michael Hughes and their top coaches, this podcast shares their best practices on everything from how to build a sustainable fitness business, to how to program for maximum results, to how to build a hybrid training model (online and in person), marketing secrets, movement innovation and breaking down trends in the industry. If you're a fitness professional or fitness business owner, this is where you learn how to sharpen your skills and see maximum results.

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  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Leo Savage on Steel Mace Flow, TRX Inspirations and Weightlifting as Expression


    In this episode, Gymnazo Director of Programming and Movement Specialist, CJ Kobliska sits down with Steel Mace Flow creator, Leo Savage to talk about the origins of Steel Mace Flow, weightlifting as an expression of self, developing healthy competition and more! About Leo Savage: Steel Mace Flow’s origin began nearly 6 years ago in the garage of Leo Urquides’ home in Albuquerque New Mexico. Switch Squats,360s, an undeniable passion for the Steel Mace, and the belief he had in himself, led Leo to create the “prototype” of SMF; Mace Movement. After experiencing personal hardship, Leo was left with only his first Steel Mace Ryu, and a car full of clothes. Being left with next to nothing let to the creation of something that would not only change Leo’s life, but the lives of people all over the world. What started as a way out of depression and pain for one, now is an established movement practice and education system that welcomes all. Leo currently resides in Austin Texas, where he can be found sipping on Strong Coffee, and hanging out with his French Bulldog Butter Savage. Leo spends his days flowing at Onnit Gym ATX and continues to be a trailblazing leader that guides others toward freedom through Steel Mace Flow. Connect with Leo: IG: @leo.savage.smf ( Connect with CJ: IG: @movement_exploration_channel More from Gymnazo EDU: For a free group session with us, (click here) and use promo code: gymnazo_podcast (Check out our Youtube) IG: @gymnazo_edu (Join The Movement Collective Discord Community) To dive deeper into these concepts and learn alongside a team of Movement Specialists and Masters, head to ( to be a part of our next mentorship class.
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Ben D'Aguilar on Injury Recovery, Overcoming Performance Plateaus, and Utilizing Movement Data


    In this episode, Gymnazo Director of Programming and Movement Specialist, CJ Kobliska sits down with Performance Coach and Ex-Football player, Ben D'Aguilar to talk about injury recovery and how trainers can use movement data to help facilitate that process, overcoming performance plateaus, how to break through some of our mental barriers and a whole lot more. More about Ben D'aguilar: Ben is a certified personal trainer from Joe Arko with 24 years of training experience. He's the Canadian College Football Sack record holder and a 5 year CFL veteran. He's also attended the NFL Regional and Super Regional Combine as well as the Rookie Camp with the NY Jets. Growing up Ben learned a lot from both of his parents who were bodybuilders, powerlifters and incredible athletes. Over the course of his years, he's studied everything from ancestral warfare and dance to modern gymnastics and power lifting and everything in between. Connect with Ben: IG: @benjamin.equilibrium or @equilibrium.motion Connect with CJ: IG: @movement_exploration_channel More from Gymnazo EDU: For a free group session with us, (click here) and use promo code: gymnazo_podcast (Check out our Youtube) IG: @gymnazo_edu (Join The Movement Collective Discord Community) To dive deeper into these concepts and learn alongside a team of Movement Specialists and Masters, head to to be a part of our next mentorship class.
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

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  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Weck Method, Kettlebells, Steel Mace Flow and the Language of Movement


    In this episode, Gymnazo EDU Founder and CEO, Michael Hughes talks with Gymnazo Movement Specialist and Director of Programming, CJ Kobliska to talk about the word "Coachmanship", give some creds to all of the teachers they've learned from, Dragonball Z, the language of movement and a whole lot more! Big shoutouts to David Weck, Chris Chamberlin, Slush, Alex Kanellis, Jarrod Cardona, DJ Murakami, Leo Savage, Gary Gray, David Tiberio, and all of the other coaches and teachers out there who we've had the privilege of learning from. Stay connected with us: IG - @gymnazo_edu @3d_athlete - Michael Hughes @movement_exploration_channel Learn with us:
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    The Best Movement Assessment for Strength, Flexibility, Mobility & Stability


    In this episode of the Gymnazo podcast, Gymnazo EDU Founder & Movement Specialist Michael Hughes and Gymnazo Director of Programming CJ Kobliska, are talking movement assessments. In this episode they cover what a movement assessment is, how to use it, what they look for during an assessment and a whole lot more! -- Want to dive deeper into these concepts and learn from Michael and CJ directly? Well you can! In our MDMC Mentorship program! (CLICK HERE to book a call) and learn more about how you can work with some of the mostly highly skilled, highly trained Movement Practitioners in the fitness industry
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    A Review of the MDMC Mentorship Program with Kyler Bradley


    In this episode, Founder and Movement Specialist Michael Hughes sits down with recent Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach program graduate, Kyler Bradley to give you some insights on what the experience was like going through our MDMC Mentorship program. One phrase Kyler uses: "life-changing" To connect with Kyler about his experience: IG: @coach_kyler_b To learn more about the MDMC Mentorship (Click HERE). To apply to the MDMC mentorship program, (Click HERE).
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    De-Stressing & Exploring Consciousness Using Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks with Matt and Kelsey Elston


    In this episode, Movement Specialist and Director of Programming at Gymnazo, CJ Kobliska, sits down with Central Coast Floats owners and dynamic sibling duo Matt and Kelsey Elston to talk about float tanks. In this episode they discuss what a float tank is, how it works, what float tanks are good for and the healing experiences each of them have had while floating. Matt and Kelsey Elston are a brother and sister tag-team who together run and own Central Coast Floats in San Luis Obispo. Matt began his floating journey in 2013 when living in Seattle. Floating was recommended by a friend as a “cool new experience”, and as Matt got deeper into floating he began to notice shifts in his mental and physical state. Physically, Matt started feeling looser, most noticeably with his spine. Mentally, there was a noticeable sense of calm that settled into his psyche. He found that starting a day with a float caused him to view that entire day with a warmer lens. Things continued to progress from there and time in the float tank became a valuable resource for problem solving, contemplation, and meditation.  Then, moving to San Luis Obispo, Matt had nowhere to float. And thus spawned the idea for Central Coast Floats. It became clear that help was needed to create the best possible float center…and his sister, Kelsey, came to the rescue. If you want to book yourself a float or just get connected with these two lovely humans, here's how you can find them: Website: Instagram: @centralcoastfloats
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Biomechanics of the Golf Swing to Prevent Injuries and Hit the Ball Farther


    In this episode, CEO and Founder of Gymnazo EDU, Michael Hughes, and Gymnazo's Director of Programming, CJ Kobliska, are breaking down some of the biomechanics of the golf swing to help trainers help their golfers prevent injury and hit the ball farther.
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Alex Kanellis on strength and conditioning, functional training principles, traditional weightlifting & more


    In this episode, Gymnazo coaches, CJ Kobliska and Mitch Schroth, sit down with special guest Alex Kanellis from Landmine University to talk about a new wave of strength and conditioning strategies, principles of functional training and functional movement, traditional weightlifting, spinal engine theory, getting the obliques fired up and a WHOLE LOT more. A little bit about Alex: Alex Kanellis has been a strength coach for 12 years and has worked with athletes ranging in age and experience from junior high to Olympic athletes. Alex created the Landmine University system as a way to perform explosive weight training through functional, core-driven movement patterns. The Landmine University system has provided coaches and trainers around the globe with a simple system for resistance training allowing them to abandon traditional Olympic Lifts for athletes. Landmine U is a principle based system based on concepts covered in “The Spinal Engine”, by Serge Gracovetsky. Connect with Alex: IG: @landmineuniversity website:
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Sonny Mannon on Performance Training, Injury Prevention and Finding Balance


    In this episode, Gymnazo Coach and Movement Specialist, CJ Kobliska sits down with Chinese Martial Arts and Qi Gong practitioner Sonny Mannon to talk about the no pain, no gain mentality, how making gains leads to injury, how finding balance can prevent injuries, and a whole lot more! A little bit about Sonny: A native of Visalia, CA, Sonny has been a practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts and Qi Gong for  over 20 years. Training and competition has taken him around the world including over 8 years  living and training full time in Beijing, China.   Sonny trains and teaches the Internal Martial Arts systems of Tai Ji Quan(Tai Chi), Xing Yi  Quan and Ba Gua Zhang, as well Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Chinese Wrestling(Shuai Jiao) and  Qi Gong. This diverse practice has helped him to better understand the fundamental principles  of movement behind these arts. It is his belief that to truly move to your greatest potential your  practice must take you inward as well as outward.   Fluent in Chinese, English and human, Sonny’s passion is presenting the art in as accessible,  joyful and practical way as possible. Sonny currently teaches out of the Yoga and Martial Arts  School he founded with his wife, Sequoia Kung Fu and Yoga, located in Visalia, CA. He also  teaches workshops regularly across the states and worldwide.  Connect with Sonny: Instagram: @sequoia_kung_fu_and_yog or @guangwu_shuaijioa Website:
  • Gymnazo Podcast podcast

    Fire Up Your Brain With Trent McEntire and His BrainSpeed Ball


    In this episode, Gymnazo Founder, CEO and Movement Practitioner, Michael Hughes, sits down with Fire Up Your Brain’s Trent McEntire to discuss his story. For more than two decades, Trent McEntire has been helping people gain back their mobility – a story he knows well. Born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, Trent experienced pain and stiffness every day from the time he was a child. The methods Trent discovered to repair his own body also became the foundation for what would be his life’s work.  Over the past 20 years, Trent’s transformational methods and tools have changed thousands of lives for movement professionals and clients -- children who struggle with focus; seniors who have lost their balance and mobility, individuals experiencing neurological conditions; and athletes who have suffered concussions and injuries. Trent’s transformational methods and tools are now used across the globe.  Today, Trent’s mission is to deliver his methods and tools out to everyone who needs help with moving past physical and brain-related limitations. The Fire Up Your Brain program was created by Trent as a fun, engaging, and affordable way to support this mission. In addition to his professional teaching, Trent spends his time problem solving and educating the world through his AskTrent Live programming, building a network of BrainSpeed Coaches, and facilitating speaking engagements to further educate the public on enhancing brain performance. Here's a preview of the episode: 2:03 Trent’s backstory 8:51 What Michael and Trent were taught and what Trent had to do differently 11:11 Trent’s “struggle with reading” and how he dealt with that 13:11 Trent’s breakthrough with vision exercises and the beginning of the Brain Speed Ball 14:31 The concept of the BrainSpeed Ball 16:46 The subconscious reaction 23:21 We are not just trainers of the physical 24:21 How we use “drivers” in exercises and what the limitations may be with eye drivers 29:51 Trent’s experience working with golfers 33:26 How the eyes work with the brain and how “bad information” from the eyes can cause cognitive decline and movement decline 38:51 How Trent applies his knowledge as a movement practitioner 44:21 Why the eyes are a tell if you have a head injury and how the 4 core eye movements are incorporated into the BrainSpeed Ball game 49:41 How Trent’s life has changed from the BrainSpeed Ball

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