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How Do Banks Make Their Money?

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A huge thank you to Pearler for sponsoring this week’s episode. Pearler is the intuitive and easy to use Aussie investing platform that makes it easy for anyone to invest in the stock market, and you can start building a sensible, diversified portfolio tailored to your needs with as little as $5. Not only is it built for long term investing, it brings together community and education, so you can learn from people just like you. Don't wait to start building your financial future - check out today with code GIRLSTHATINVEST and start investing in your goals with $20 free Pearler credit. Banks are ubiquitous in the world we live in, but how do they actually make money? This week, Sim & Sonya dive into the different types of banks and how they generate profit. For more Girls That Invest: Join our weekly 'Stock Market Tea' newsletter Find us on Instagram Find us on TikTok Find us on Twitter Join our Facebook community 'Til next week, team! 💖 --- Send in a voice message:

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