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    Episode 69 - Jon Hilton to Canada and Back in a Microlight


    As part of the build up to doing a round the world flight Jon Hilton told me that he wanted to fly his CT microlight to Canada and back. Jon set off in May of 2013 and went from the UK to the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and on to Canada before turning around and doing the same thing in reverse. His entry in the log book in the tower stood out alongside the usual 'Sleaps, Caernarfons and Welshpools'. I'm sure the book has rarely seen an entry such as, 'Canada, via Wick'!
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    Episode 68 - Cary Robins - Weight and Balance Calculations


    Cary Robins is the owner of American Aeronautics and his company markets weight and balance calculators. I wanted to find out why weight and balance is so important, about his company's products and about his flying career too.
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  • Flying Podcast podcast

    Episode 67 - London to Sydney The Slow Way


    A flight from London to Sydney, Australia in a PA28 by Andy Hardy and Sam Kidd. We discuss the planning that the guys have had to do prior to this epic flight adventure.
  • Flying Podcast podcast

    Episode 66 - LAA Rally 2013


    A trip to the Light Aircraft Association Rally to see what's new on the GA scene here in the UK. I talk to various aircraft manufacturers and importers including Grass Strip Aviation, Red-Air, Sprite Aviation, Dragon Aviation, The Light Aircraft Company and Swift Aviation.
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    Episode 65 - Fly2Pole update


    An update on the Flying for Freedom project. As you'll remember from episode 63 the Fly2Pole expedition is endeavouring to get several disabled military personnel to the South Pole in microlight aircraft. So, when the Flying for Freedom team held a sponsor's open day a few weeks ago I popped down to Kemble for a bit of a catch-up.
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    Episode 64 - Popham Microlight Trade Fair 2013


    A chat with many of the exhibitors at Popham. We talk to everyone from the SSDR manufacturers to the importers of some of the hottest hot-ships in the world of microlighting.
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    Episode 63 - John Laity - British Antarctic Microlight Expedition


    At the Flying Show last year I met a chap called John Laity on the P&M Aviation stand. John is one of the founders of Flying for Freedom which aims to train injured ex-servicemen to fly microlights as part of their rehabilitation into civilian life. In addition, Flying for Freedom are launching an expedition to the south pole where they'll be trying to get a team to fly flexwing microlights to the pole and back. I caught up with John via Skype recently, just after his return from the press launch at the Tower of London.
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    Episode 62 - Martin Jones - de Havilland DH88 Comet Racer


    For today's episode I travelled down to Derby Aero Club to meet Martin Jones. Martin is the owner of the airfield and is also proprietor of Airspeed Aviation. My reason for the visit though was to have a chat to Martin about the restoration project that he's undertaking. His labour of love is a 1934 de Havilland Comet DH88 - G-ACSP - a so called Comet Racer. The aircraft was originally built by de Havilland for the England to Australia, 'MacRobertson' Air Race.
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    Episode 61 - David Bremner - British Microlight Aircraft Assoc.


    An interview with BMAA Chairman, David Bremner. David explains what the organisation does and how it works to promote and regulate microlighting in the UK.
  • Flying Podcast podcast

    Episode 60 - The Flying Show 2012


    A visit to The Flying Show at the NEC with interviews with Breezer UK, The Light Aircraft Company, Dave Sykes, GASCo and lastly, The Airspace and Safety Initiative.

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