with Beatrace Angut Oola

++++++++++++++++++++++Next Episode coming soon ++++++++++++++++++ The Fashion Africa Now Podcast ignites interesting conversations with designers, creatives, historians, researchers, fashion players and industry experts on what fashion in Africa is today, systematically digging into its past and more importantly, shaping its future. The fusion of rich and diverse sub-nations, cultures, ideas and talents from the African continent, and by extension the African diaspora has produced irresistible trend-setting fashion, styles, aesthetics, sounds and a way of life globally. Yet in the shadows of this allure the conflict between slow fashion, sustainability in Africa and fast fashion is a conversation to be encouraged. The Fashion Africa Now podcast is brought to you by Future Fashion and produced by APYA Productions with financial support from the Ministry of State of Baden-Wurttemberg via the Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation for Development Cooperation (SEZ). The episodes were created in association with Social Urban Nature. Fashion Africa Now podcast has the permission to use the music and the sounds created by Blackstereo music. Please send inquiries and questions to: [email protected]

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