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    ETF PRIME SPECIAL EDITION: First U.S. Bitcoin ETF Launches


    Nate Geraci sits down with Simeon Hyman, Global Investment Strategist at ProShares, to discuss the launch of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO). 
  • ETF Prime podcast

    Bitcoin ETFs, Innovation, & Dividend Growth


    ETF Trends’ Tom Hendrickson discusses the launch of the first U.S.-listed bitcoin ETF and what it means for investors.  Nasdaq’s Giang Bui offers a unique perspective on the bitcoin ETF race and also talks ETF innovation and education.  Freedom Day Solutions’ Ryan Krueger spotlights the Freedom Day Dividend ETF (MBOX).
  • ETF Prime podcast

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  • ETF Prime podcast

    SEC to Evaluate Risks of Leveraged & Inverse ETFs


    ETF Trends’ Lara Crigger dissects recent SEC statements regarding risks posed by leveraged and inverse ETFs, which came a day after the regulatory agency approved the listing of complex VIX futures ETFs.  Dawn Global’s Maurits Pot outlines the investment case for the Asian Growth Cubs ETF (CUBS).  ROBO Global’s Travis Briggs spotlights the indexes behind […]
  • ETF Prime podcast

    “Convexity Maven” Harley Bassman on Fed, Inflation, & Interest Rates


    Simplify ETFs’ Harley Bassman offers perspective on Fed policy, inflation, demographics, and more.  ETF Trends’ Dave Nadig discusses the latest on Senator Wyden’s ETF tax proposal and fields Twitter questions.  Goldman Sachs’ Katie Koch goes in-depth on thematic ETFs.
  • ETF Prime podcast

    The State of Bitcoin ETFs


    VanEck’s Jan van Eck and Grayscale’s Dave LaValle discuss the entire state of bitcoin ETFs including the current regulatory landscape and what comes next. ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon offers perspective on China’s Evergrande and investor behavior.
  • ETF Prime podcast

    Death of the 60/40 Portfolio?


    Tom Hendrickson, President of ETF Trends & ETF Database, offers unique insight into whether advisors believe the 60/40 portfolio is dead.  Cullen Roche spotlights The Discipline Fund ETF (DSCF).  Pacer’s Sean O’Hara discusses the growth of their ETF business and which ETFs are currently resonating with investors.
  • ETF Prime podcast

    Tax Efficiency of ETFs in Jeopardy?


    ETF Trends’ Dave Nadig discusses a recent Senate Finance Committee proposal to close the ETF tax “loophole” and also fields a variety of ETF questions from Twitter.  GraniteShares’ Will Rhind outlines the investment case for gold and broad commodities.  Sparkline Capital’s Kai Wu spotlights their Intangible Value ETF (ITAN).
  • ETF Prime podcast

    ETF Trends’ Dave Nadig Talks Recent ETF Filings & Launches


    ETF Trends’ Dave Nadig offers his take on several recent ETF filings and launches, including offerings from Ark Invest and Roundhill.  3D/L Capital’s Ben Lavine goes in-depth on ETF model portfolio construction.  Viridi Funds’ Wes Fulford spotlights their Cleaner Energy Crypto-Mining & Semiconductor ETF (RIGZ).
  • ETF Prime podcast

    NYSE’s Douglas Yones on Active ETFs, ESG, & Bitcoin


    NYSE’s Douglas Yones discusses key growth drivers behind active ETFs, the prospects for ESG ETFs, and the status of bitcoin ETFs.  ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon explains the pros and cons of an ETF industry dominated by market cap weighted products.  ETF Hearsay’s Henry Jim offers a unique window into ETF filings and product development.
  • ETF Prime podcast

    Interactive Brokers’ Thomas Peterffy Goes In-Depth on “Payment for Order Flow”


    Thomas Peterffy, Founder & Chairman of Interactive Brokers, discusses the controversial practice of “payment for order flow” and whether it’s detrimental to investors.  Tom Hendrickson, President of ETF Trends & ETF Database, examines thematic ETFs through a unique lens.  Chris Sullivan, President of MacMillan Sullivan Communications, offers a behind-the-scenes look at ETF marketing.

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