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8 Ways to Make Macro Counting Simple (For Getting Started or Getting Back on Track)

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Are you just getting into macro counting but it feels too daunting? Or, having you gotten off track with your macro counting and can’t seem to get yourself going again? Which ever one you are, this episode of Embrace Your Real is for you. I’m going to share a few ways that will make macro counting feel SO SUPER simple that you’ll have no problem getting back on track or getting started in the first place.    What I discuss:
  1. Start with tracking protein only
  2. Track breakfast and lunch only 
  3. Prep ingredients.
  4. Prep your snacks
  5. Commit to macro counting for just two weeks. 
  6. Be conscious, but not obsessive.
  7. Realize sometimes you need to choose memories over macros. 
  8. Get some help! 
Links mentioned in this episode:   Macro Counting Made Simple Online Academy: www.macrocountingmadesimple.com   If you want more from me, be sure to check out…   Instagram:  @embraceyourreal | @movementwithjulie Website: www.juliealedbetter.com Workout app:  sale.movementwithjulie.com Free ebook: www.juliealedbetter.com/free-ebook Amazon storefront: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6bda1ca8?ref=cm_sw_em_r_inf_pub_influencer-6bda1ca8_dp_DgsIam9salgfi

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