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8 Things I Do to Make Nourishing My Body a Lifestyle

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I have been counting my macros for almost a decade. And since I’ve stopped doing competitions and found a new normal with my body, my body size and shape haven’t fluctuated all that much. But here’s the thing: I have made nourishing my body a lifestyle and because of that my weight is not continuously going up and down. I don’t have to “get back on track” the same way I know other woman need to. But, the difference is that many women are dieting and not making nourishment a lifestyle.   So many women ask me how I have the willpower to stay on track all the time. But here’s the thing: I don’t need willpower. Seriously, I don’t need one ounce of willpower and in this episode I’m going to explain what I do to essentially “stay on track” without needing willpower through making nourishing your body a lifestyle.   What I discuss:
  1. I know what my body needs.
  2. There is no scarcity in my “diet”
  3. I “budget” my food.
  4. I know when to chose memories over macros and vice versa to keep my life balanced.
  5. I pay attention to how food makes me feel.
  6. I prioritize cooking delicious meals. 
  7. I honor my body with movement daily
  8. I focus on consistency over perfection.
  Links mentioned in this episode:   Get my recipe guides: https://www.juliealedbetter.com/recipe-guides Macro Counting Made Simple Online Academy: www.macrocountingmadesimple.com   If you want more from me, be sure to check out…   Instagram:  @embraceyourreal | @movementwithjulie Website: www.juliealedbetter.com Free ebook: www.juliealedbetter.com/free-ebook Amazon storefront: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6bda1ca8?ref=cm_sw_em_r_inf_pub_influencer-6bda1ca8_dp_DgsIam9salgfi

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