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5 Ways to Keep Moving Your Body This Summer

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Girl, I know how easy it is in the summer months to toss your goals aside. You just want to go chill at the pool, or beach and enjoy summer festivities like BBQ’s, or just hanging out on the deck with a refreshing beverage. So how can we keep ourselves on track this summer while STILL enjoying our summer to the fullest? Don’t worry, I have 5 tips to share with you in this episode of Embrace Your Real.    What I discuss:  
  1. Instead of skipping movement to go chill with friends, plan workout dates with your friends.
  2. Realize that your movement doesn’t always need to be standard workouts. 
  3. Schedule your movement around the heat. 
  4. Do yourself a favor and just have a plan to follow. It’s going to make your life so much easier
  5. Lower the commitment if that means you’ll stay more consistent. 
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