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5 Reasons Why I stopped Doing Cardio-Only Workouts

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Women seem to love doing lots of cardio…but do they actually love it? O Do they actually love it or do they think that cardio is the ONLY way to build the body they want? Do they think cardio is the best bang for their buck when the workout? Or, do they just not know what other types of workouts to do?    I still do cardio from time-to-time, but my workout routine doesn’t revolve around cardio anymore. I used to spend 1-2 hours A DAY doing cardio, and now I realized that was one of the worst things I could have done with my time.    So in this episode of Embrace Your Real, I’m going to share 5 reasons why I decided to stop doing cardio-only workouts and how I benefited from it.    Links mentioned in this episode:   Calculate your maintenance calories with this free ebook: www.juliealedbetter.com/free-ebook   Start your journey with the Macro Counting Made Simple Online Academy: www.macrocountingmadesimple.com   Episode 243: What Are the Four Phases of Macro Counting?   Episode 218: What the Heck are Secondary Protein Sources + Why Should You Eat Them?   If you want more from me, be sure to check out…   Instagram:  @embraceyourreal | @movementwithjulie Website: www.juliealedbetter.com Workout app:  sale.movementwithjulie.com Amazon storefront: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6bda1ca8?ref=cm_sw_em_r_inf_pub_influencer-6bda1ca8_dp_DgsIam9salgfi

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