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Get access to the world's best brains when it comes to building momentum online for established consumer brands. Join our hosts and their expert guests for conversations about ecommerce strategies, trends, and innovations. Access our brain trust and boost your brand's ecommerce potential. Ecommerce Braintrust

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    New research: the Amazon Maturity Matrix - Episode 223


    In today’s podcast, we are talking with Caroline Adams about the new research by Bobsled Marketing that is coming out on January 27, called the Amazon Maturity Matrix. What are the really smart and active brands doing to counteract the internal pressures that hold them back in the ecommerce space? How can you create meaningful, long-term change for your company? Make sure you tune in to find out! Caroline is a Project Manager at Bobsled Marketing where she manages clients who trust Bobsled to grow and manage their Amazon sales channels. Caroline has  spent the majority of her career as a product marketer across various industries from consumer product goods to publishing to not-for-profit. As a true proponent of learning, she morphed into the ecommerce world and was trained by an ex-Amazon employee. She joined the Agency side of the business about five years ago and loves working along clients to help them reach their Amazon goals.
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    Why Effective Amazon Inventory Planning Is Essential… but Elusive - Episode 222


    In today’s podcast, we are talking with Chelsea Cohen about inventory planning for Amazon. We are discussing inventory management and how brands can improve their current situation, addressing the Shippageddon and its aftermath, and sharing some tools as well as advice that can help you deal with shipping fees. Make sure you tune in to find out more! Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon inventory management expert and the Co-Founder of, an Amazon inventory management software that is going into the multi-channel space as well as the cash flow and profit optimization space within the next year. Chelsea is also an Amazon seller, speaker and consultant whose regular clients include 7 and 8-figure sellers.
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

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  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    2022 Ecommerce Predictions - Episode 221


    In today’s podcast, we talked with Russ Dieringer about our ecommerce predictions for the new year. We discuss emerging trends, potential issues, and try our best to figure out what we can all expect in 2022. How will the supply chain problems end? How will aggregators influence the market?  Make sure you tune in to find out! Russ Dieringer is the founder of Stratably, a company dedicated to elevating the digital IQ of leading consumer brands. Each week, Russ creates impactful, practical, and easy to digest research that speaks to all layers of an organization, helping them see further around the corner of what’s coming in retail.
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    Measuring Success Across the Digital Shelf - Episode 220


    In today’s podcast, we are talking with John Maltman about issues brands have been facing as a result of the shift to online sales channels. John gives his take on the best ways to measure success across retailers and retail media platforms, and explains what he thinks is next in the digital shelf tech.  Make sure you tune in to find out more! John Maltman is the founder and CEO of Digital Shelf Analytics platform e.fundamentals. He has built a successful 30+ year corporate career with blue-chip FMCG (CPG) companies including global giants Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Asda Walmart, complemented with leadership roles in high growth B2B technology and service businesses, before stepping into the world of start-ups. Frustrated with the industry’s weak reaction to the enormous opportunities of ecommerce, John decided to apply his deep client-side knowledge to help brands win online, telling colleagues: ‘The market needs it, it doesn’t exist, so we’ll create it.’
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    Opting in to Ecommerce Optimization - Episode 219


    In today’s podcast, we are talking with Jon MacDonald about his second book, Opting in to Optimization: How Successful Ecommerce Brands Convert More Customers, Increase Profits, and Create Raving Fans. We are discussing the 9 “laws” defined in it as well as how they relate to a brand’s maturity. Make sure you tune in to find out more! Jon MacDonald is founder of The Good, a conversion rate optimization firm that has achieved results for some of the largest online brands including Adobe, Nike, Xerox, The Economist, and more. Author of two books on conversion optimization, he regularly contributes content to publications like Entrepreneur and Inc. He knows how to get website visitors to take action.
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    Amazon Advertising 2021: Sizing the Prize - Episode 218


    In today’s podcast, we are talking with Andrew Lipsman about the Amazon Advertising 2021 report recently published by Insider Intelligence. We talk about the changes, trends and strategies in advertising on Amazon as well as how customers and brands react to it.  Make sure you tune in to find out! Andrew Lipsman is a Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence, focusing on retail and ecommerce. Recent coverage includes grocery ecommerce, retail media networks, D2C brands, social commerce, holiday shopping, and Amazon Prime Day. Previously, Andrew was SVP of Marketing & Insights at comScore. He has been a regular contributor to the Journal of Advertising Research and is frequently quoted by leading news organizations including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Advertising Age.
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    Amazon Savviness Scale Launch Announcement - Episode 217


    What is standing in your way to success on Amazon? Has your brand reached a level of maturity on Amazon? Which factors reflect Amazon maturity and how does it inform business results? These are just some of the questions that we have been considering over the past few months at Bobsled Marketing while developing a four-minute test that benchmarks your brand’s Amazon potential. We are excited to announce that Bobsled’s Amazon Savviness Scale is now live! Make sure you tune in to find out more!
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    ‘The Brilliant Basics’ - Lessons From the 2021 Omnichannel Retail Index - Episode 216


    In today’s podcast, we talk with Kathy Kimple about the 2021 Omnichannel Retail Index, a study conducted every year that aims to evaluate how retailers and brands from multiple verticals are implementing key digital and omnichannel features as well as to give us insight into the best practices and table stakes. What are the most common features and functions in online retail and which ones should you focus on to boost your conversion rate? Make sure you tune in to find out more! Kathy Kimple is the Chief Retail Officer of FitForCommerce, a specialty ecommerce and digital consultancy. She has over 30 years of experience in retail with a focus on retailers, brands, and grocery, covering digital strategy and store operations, registry, marketing, tech selection, and organizational design. 
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    Hug Your Customer - Episode 215


    In today’s podcast, we are talking with Rich Zeldes about the different ways brands can advertise, create a following in the digital space and increase conversion. How much should you focus on the tried and true channels? Should you, for example, use SMS, TikTok, Connected TV and podcasts to advertise? What are some of the challenges of these? Make sure you tune in to find out! Rich Zeldes is the Founder and CEO of Zeldes Media Advisors and has over 25 years of marketing and media services experience. He is focused on driving profitable growth for emerging health, beauty, food, fashion and cannabis brands across the DTC, Amazon and Retail distribution landscape. He is obsessed with helping to navigate today's evolving media ecosystem by offering executive-level strategy, insights and attention to brand founders and their leadership.
  • Ecommerce Braintrust podcast

    Amazon FBA Aggregators: Should Retail Brands Be Concerned? - Episode 214


    In today’s podcast, we talk with Russ Dieringer about Amazon FBA aggregators. We discuss their business model, hiring practices, as well as advantages and disadvantages compared to incumbent brands in the digital space as well as brick and mortar stores. We share our opinions about the future of aggregators and accelerators, as well as some predictions about their future. Make sure you tune in to find out more! Russ Dieringer is the founder of Stratably, a company dedicated to elevating the digital IQ of leading consumer brands. Each week, Russ creates impactful, practical, and easy to digest research that speaks to all layers of an organization, helping them see further around the corner of what’s coming in retail.

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