Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

Dr. Sears Family Podcast

Dr. Sears

Pediatrician and author Dr. Jim Sears and Health Coach Hayden Sears are here to answer your parenting questions, discuss a wide range of topics related to raising healthy families, and share stories from the Sears household. From pregnancy and behavior to health and nutrition, follow us on this crazy and wonderful journey that we call parenting.

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  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 29 - Baby Powder Recall, Parenting Mistakes, and Boosting Your Immune System


    Today we discuss the recent recall of Johnson & Johnson baby powder amid asbestos contamination concerns, an article about common parenting mistakes, and Dr. Jim's latest tips for boosting your immune system as we head into the holiday season.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 28 - Tips for New Moms with Erin Sears-Basile


    Our sister Erin (Sears kid #5) joins us today to chat about life as a first-time mom and discuss several questions that new moms often have. Topics include: starting solid foods, giving infants water, gentle parenting/discipline, celebrating the "mom bod", and cultivating your "mom squad".
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

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  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 27 - Cold Remedies, Overindulging Your Kids


    Today we discuss some of our favorite cold remedies, including prevention tips and ways to kick the cold quickly. Also, we talk about the topic of overindulging your children, why it's not a good idea to "just give them everything they want" or do everything for them, and how it helps to develop patience and independence.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 26 - School Anxiety, Breakfast Tips


    With school back in full-swing and your family settling into the school routine, we discuss some potential sources of school-related stress and anxiety to be mindful of and ways to manage it. We then focus in on perhaps the single most important tip for a successful school (and work) day: eating a healthy breakfast.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 25 - Fever, Check-Ups, Antibiotics, Sprains, and Constipation


    Today we open up our book The Portable Pediatrician and explore what it says about fevers, yearly check-ups, antibiotics, sprains, broken bones, and constipation.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 24 - Back to School and Anxiety


    Today we share our Back-to-School episode, discussing tips to help your family make a smooth transition out of summer-mode and into your school-day routine. We also talk about the subject of anxiety and all the important tools you can use to manage it. We also take a phone call asking advice on how to practice attachment parenting when the parents are separated and disagree about parenting styles.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 23 - Summer Wrap-Up, Constipation


    Today we have our summer wrap-up, going over topics such as "debriefing" from summer camp and taking advantage of the last week or so before school starts to get your kids ready. Also, we discuss the topic of constipation - what causes it, how to relieve it, and how to prevent it.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 22 - Telemedicine, Best High-Fiber Foods, and Worst Drinks


    Today we talk about telemedicine and some of its upsides and downsides. Also on today's episode: the best high-fiber foods your family should be eating and the worst drinks your family should be avoiding.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 21 - Housecall, Token Economy, Barefoot Talk


    Sticker charts, reward systems, bribery... whatever you call it, a token economy system can be a great way to encourage good behavior while also teaching your child valuable lessons and life-skills. Today we share some tips and crucial elements to keep in mind when setting up a system that works for your family. Also, we explore the question of "Should I let my child go barefoot?" And Dr. Jim takes a "housecall" at the studio to take a look at a patient's rash.
  • Dr. Sears Family Podcast podcast

    Ep. 20 - CapeIvy.com, Mouth Lacerations, Abdominal Pain, Vomiting


    Today we welcome in Meg and Cindy of CapeIvy.com, which provides fleece poncho capes to kids and adults for extra comfort during hospital stays, to discuss some tips to help make your family's lengthy hospital stays a little more bearable. We also explore topics from the Sears' book The Portable Pediatrician: what to do about mouth lacerations/injuring from trauma, abdominal pain, and staying hydrated during vomiting episodes.

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