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Dharma Ocean presents compelling talks by Reggie Ray, a unique and dynamic teacher in the lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Reggie has a special gift for applying the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism to the unique problems, inspirations, and spiritual imperatives of modern people. As spiritual director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation, Reggie mentors a worldwide community of practitioners committed to meditation as a path of discovering wakefulness in everyday life. His teaching is marked by humor, insight, and an absolute trust in the relevance of meditation to all aspects of human experience: our relationships and jobs, our dreams and heartbreaks, our fears and aspirations.To find out more about teachings, retreats, community life, and our extensive selection of audio resources for beginner and advanced meditators please visit www.dharmaocean.org.

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  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 274: For the Welfare of All – Part II


    In the second part of this talk on the training of a Bodhisattva, Reggie discusses the last five of the six paramitas: discipline, patience, exertion, meditation, and wisdom. Through examples, he shows how the truth of each paramita is not necessarily what we might think. This talk was given at the 2003 Winter Dathün retreat […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 273: For the Welfare of All – Part I


    Today we listen to the first part of a talk Reggie offered at a Bodhisattva Vow ceremony. He says that the arising of tenderness and love in our hearts naturally inspires us to help sentient beings through taking the bodhisattva vow, cultivating bodhicitta, and training in the six paramitas. This talk was given at the […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

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  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 272: Clear Circle of Brightness


    In this episode, Caroline discusses the somatic unfolding of the awakening heart. She says that the journey involves three concentric circles: an outer circle of enchantment, an inner circle that is like a ring of fire, and a third circle of complete freedom—the clear circle of brightness. This talk was given in 2016 at a […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 271: Loss of Reference Points


    In this talk, Reggie speaks to the groundlessness that we experience when situations don’t fit into the known world of ego. In such moments, strong feelings of anxiety, fear, and ambiguity might arise. Instead trying to secure territory, he encourages us to turn toward the feelings and open to the uncertainty.This talk was given in 2006 at […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 270: Being with the Journey


    In this talk, Reggie describes the moment when we check-out during experiences that are painful, unsettling, or disconcerting. He says such moments of intensity offer an opportunity to step through our fear and resistance, open to our feelings, and rest with the sacredness of the situation. This talk was given at the 2011 Winter Dathun […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 269: Practice Dismantles


    Here, Reggie points to the process that unfolds on the journey of somatic meditation: personal stories fall apart and we come to trust the intimacy, humor, openness, and love that emerges when our solid sense of self is dismantled. This talk was given in 2009 at the September Meditating with the Body retreat held at […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 268: Basic Space


    In this talk, Caroline discusses the true nature of reality—the Dharmakaya—that we experience when we rest in the space of the lower belly in the practice of yin breathing. She says that this space is open, free, and not constrained by conditioned “parts.” This talk was given at the 2016 The Body Loves retreat held […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 267: Life Force – Part II


    In the second part of this talk, Reggie asks: where does the Life Force come from? He says that the empty nothingness of space gives birth to the primordial isness and rabid passion we feel when we rest with the raw energy that emerges from the emptiness of being. This talk was given at the […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 266: Life Force – Part I


    Here, Reggie speaks to the utter power of the Life Force that courses through our body as pure unadulterated love. This force, he says, speaks the message of this lineage: to trust our uncompromising, wild, reckless, implacable lust for being alive. This talk was given at the 2009 Winter Dathün retreat held at the Blazing […]
  • Dharma Ocean podcast

    Episode 265: Journey of Individuation


    In today’s episode, Reggie discusses the meditative journey of individuation. He acknowledges societal obstacles, such as institutional bureaucracies, that can undermine inspiration and waylay personal development. True freedom requires taking responsibility for our life and completely trusting the inner voice of our body. This talk was given in 2009 at the September Meditating with the […]

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