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Each episode Chris and Chris will be discussing topics and news from the world of SQL Server, while enjoying and chatting about beer! So, grab yourself a beer and tune in, cheers.

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    DBAle 36: The triple threat-happiness, gratitude, and beer


    It’s DBAle³ as we celebrate 3(ish) years of episodes, International Week of Happiness at Work, and World Gratitude Day. To commemorate, our jovial Chris duo divulge what makes them happy at Redgate and share their top tips for a happier workplace. What better way to start than with Jonny’s mate’s questionable home brew? So, grab yourself a beer and join the jamboree – cheers.
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    DBAle 35: High performing database development models


    A little late for Tokyo 2020, our athletic pair dive back in, to judge the bronze, silver, and gold of database development models. From version control and CI/CD to cultural buy in, what makes the difference between disqualification and international glory. Our hosts relay enjoy their beer of Champions, while in the news we track why record breaking isn’t such a win when it comes to GDPR fines. So, grab yourself a beer and join us for the medal ceremony.
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  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 34: Standardize to the moon and back


    Our out of this world hosts are back on what is both Space Exploration, and Moon Day. In this galactic episode our space cowboys explore why standardization should be the centre of your universe to avoid crash landing. We launch into the news taking flight with an update on the BA breach and a black hole in VW data, plus upcoming events to transport you to another world. So, grab yourself a beer and tune in for blast off.
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 33: Data Cataloging, a giraffe’s eye view


    On World Giraffe Day, our tower of Chris’s look at how taking a top level, giraffe’s eye, view of your data protection is not enough. Our hosts outline how to do a Proper Job of classifying and cataloguing your data to prevent things going a bit sour, like Chris’s beer. In The News we talk sports, from Excel-ing at Data Modelling to the theft of FIFA 2021 Source Code, and how one small change broke 85% of the Fastly internet network. So, grab yourself a beer and tune in – cheers.
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 32: Hot Fixes-Hero or Villain?


    It’s officially “I need a patch for that day” and to celebrate our hosts have gone all out, quaffing the West Country’s finest cocktail. Talking all things patching, Chris and Chris tackle the million $ debate: hot fixes- hero or villain? In The News we hear how delays reporting a data breach can cost you a Booking, and it’s no longer just your emails being breached, how secure is your phone number? So, grab yourself a beer, a patch, and tune in – cheers.
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 31: Monitoring matters for modern data management


    Is it a beer, is it a muffin or is it a Panda Pop? Who knows but at 9% strength, producer Louise joins our Chris duo as plan B, to monitor proceedings. Very fitting as our discussion focuses on monitoring for the modern data age. We talk busyness, hybrid estates, tooling, Multi-RDBMS, and a surprising amount about car mechanics. In The News we debate scrape or breach, and the potential maximum fines for the latest Facebook scandal. So, grab yourself a beer and tune in – cheers.
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 30: If it ain’t DevSecOps…what is it?


    With both hosts back on the beer to celebrate a momentous milestone, we talk Kiwis and Shoop (ba doop ba doop), sparking inspiration for a future episode. Chris and Chris break it down with DevSecOps. Fear not, there’s no rapping, just a lyrical breakdown of the place and role of security within DevOps. Something the organizations featured in our bumper News segment could do with learning about. So, grab yourself a beer and cheers to DBAle turning 30.
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 29: Guess the State of Database DevOps in 2021


    Our guest host, and the fountain of knowledge that is, Grant Fritchey, gets into the spirit early enjoying a Beer Can with Chris. Going head-to-head in the ultimate DBAle showdown, Grant pits Chris v Chris as they battle it out to correctly guess insights from the brand new 2021 State of Database DevOps Report. So, grab yourself a beer, pick a Chris to bet on and play along at home– cheers.
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 28: Beat the January Brews


    With a new year and a new lockdown upon us, Chris and Chris stay local with their choice of January brews. Our hosts get ready to rumble as they take on Blue Monday armed with their top 10 tips to boost your mood. They talk chittering monkeys, Chucklevision and Grim Fandango to emphasise the importance of self-care in these continually testing times.  So, grab yourself a beer and help us celebrate reaching 10,000 unique downloads– cheers!
  • DBAle podcast

    DBAle 27: Continuous Delivery with Chris, Chris and Santa


    Join our Chris-tmas duo on an end-to-end database journey in this cracker of an episode where even the beers are getting Festiv-O. There’s no gold, frankincense, and myrrh, instead our two (not so) wise men build and incrementally deliver NuGet presents down your pipeline chimney. So, grab yourself a beer and tune in for the last DBAle of 2020 - cheers!

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