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Jesse Ziegler, Quinn Cody

Cycle News' Dakar Rally Daily podcast brings daily coverage of the grandest motorsports event on the planet. Focused primarily on the Elite Motorcycle competitors, Dakar Rally Daily brings you interviews and insight into the dynamic sport of motorcycle rally as fresh as an early morning roadbook note. Learn what makes rally so challenging, the equipment racers use, and hear from the athletes themselves how the race unfolds daily.

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  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 21: Final Results!


    This was a brutal war.The 2021 Dakar Rally will go down as one of the most difficult in history. Intense speeds, tricky navigation and massive swings in day-to-day rankings meant every competitor raced every day for the win. Most strategies flew out the window early, and those that tried to control the race met unpredictability head-on.In today's episode, we cover the final day of the Dakar Rally, discussing the big winners and losers of this epic battle in Saudi Arabia.Don't miss it!
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 20: Stage 11 Results


    The 2021 Dakar Rally penultimate stage did not disappoint race fans with plenty of drama and a shuffling of the top three contenders.With the unexpected and somewhat unexplained departure of a main contender, today's race stage had all the makings of Dakar drama at its finest.We call in to the American Rally Oracle, Jimmy Lewis and get his take on the race up to this point and what we can expect in tomorrows sprint to the finish. It's an entertaining and insightful chat you won't want to miss.Tune-in to today's episode to see if Monster Energy Honda kept their hold on the overall podium, how Red Bull KTM reacted with time to be gained and if the top five players made it through unscathed.One more race day to go and then the 2021 Dakar Rally will be decided. And it's not getting any easier out there!Enjoy! 
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

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  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 19: Stage 10 Results


    Honda's team is showing serious strength as 2021's Dakar Rally comes down to the final stages. But, with many miles of racing to come, including the race's longest stage tomorrow, it's still anyone's game.With three of the top four overall ranked riders, Honda is on the gas.American Ricky Brabec made time today while KTM's sails have been somewhat deflated after the departure of Toby Price from yesterday's race. No spoilers here. Listen in to see what went down today and get ready for a wild Stage 11!
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 18: Stage 09 Results


    Today's  Stage Nine of the 2021 Dakar Rally was held on the anniversary of Paulo Congalves' tragic accident in 2020's edition. The likable legend lost his life last year on the same date and the entire traveling family of Dakar racers paid tribute to him today with commemorative symbols on their bodies, bikes and in their hearts.Red Bull KTM's Toby Price was the first racer on the scene of the accident last year. Today, exactly one  year later, two-time Dakar Champion Price is forced to abandon his race effort with injuries sustained in a crash. Thankfully, the Australian champion's injuries don't seem to be life threatening, but the elimination of one of the strongest competitors in a brutally tough stage is surely taking its toll on the field mentally as the race drains them physically.Atrophy in the race has ramped up, consequences are extremely high, time is running out to make up time. This is the Dakar Rally at its most dangerous and unpredictable stages. In today's episode, we hear from Ricky Brabec who was first on the scene of Price's crash, and get on the phone with Johnny Campbell to ask how the racers and bikes are holding up in the Monster Energy Honda camp.
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 17: Stage 08 Results


    The second day of the marathon stretch at the 2021 Dakar Rally has finished with the top competitors rising to the occasion. In what seemed to be a catastrophic case of bad luck, Red Bull KTM's Toby Price started the day with a massive tire cut held together by zip ties and duct tape. But, somehow, the champion from Australia held it together to finish on the damaged tire, and claim second overall for the stage! Grabbing his first stage win, "Nacho" Cornejo on the Monster Energy HRC Honda team chased his teammate and defending Dakar champion Ricky Brabec into the desert, swapping the physical lead and maintaining a blistering pace. The performance was good enough to put him over a minute in front of Price for the overall classification.We cover the stage's events, hear from the contenders in the pits, and analyze the stages coming next. We also chat fueling and other strategies on the course as we've been receiving some questions about that.Enjoy this episode and tune in for Stage nine's results tomorrow!
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 16: Stage 07 Results


    The Marathon.Today's stage 7 of the 2021 Dakar Rally kicks off this year's marathon stages, two back-to-back stages without mechanical support from teams, techs, or service trucks. Riders do their own bike maintenance and can only work on their bikes in the paddock area one time, once they leave their ride, they are done working on the bike until the clock starts tomorrow.American Ricky Brabec grabbed his second win of the race and creeps back into contention while front-running Toby Price loses very little time in the overall to "Nacho" Cornejo - only one second separates the top two in this race.  American Skyler Howes finished third on the stage - his best stage finish.TImes are getting tighter, mistakes carry bigger consequence. We talk with Andrew Short about his controversial departure from the race and how he sees the day-to-day race working out for the top competitors. We also check in with Skyler Howes, who continues to be a very strong performer and is certainly in contention for a podium finish at this point.  
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 15: Rest Day


    The only thing restful about today is that the racers don't put on their gear and compete on the motorcycle. The entire pit scene is a buzz at Dakar rest days. Mechanics strip bikes to their frames and riders are busy doing interviews, sorting their gear, finding a quiet spot to zone out, and basically being bothered constantly. This year, the rest day hits right at the mid-point of the rally. So, we decided to do a show that covers all the racing up to this point, preview the remainder of the race and check in with a couple inside men on the scene.Featuring interviews with Monster Energy Honda's Ricky Brabec and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing's Technical Manager Stefan Huber, we give you the inside story about what resting is like for racer and bike.Enjoy the day "off" and we'll be back racing marathon style tomorrow!
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 14: Stage 06 Results


    It's time to rest.Dakar competitors are the hardiest of all. Six stages in of brutal racing at high speeds has taken its toll on even the top racers at this year's event. You can hear it in their voices - they are looking forward to a break. In today's episode, we cover a shortened stage 6 that, while 100km shorter than originally planned, was just as tough on the racers and it shook up the standings once again. We hear from Toby Price, "Nacho" Cornejo, and dial up our buddy Skyler Howes to get the details on the day.How many stages can Joan Barreda win? Can Ricky Brabec fight back to the top? How about the consistent players - did today bring them any surprises? How about those tires? All this and more in today's episode from stage 6 at the 2021 Dakar Rally
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 13: Stage 05 Results


    This race is proving impossible to plan for.Stage 5 of the 2021 Dakar Rally is the most difficult so far, with nearly ever rider losing time with navigation errors early in the stage and a grueling distance following. The stage took over five hours for the fastest competitors to finish and although it slowed in pace from previous blitzes, average speeds for the top guys was still nearly 55 mph over 283 miles.In this episode we talk directly with Red Bull KTM Factory Rally Racing Team Manager Jordi Viladoms about the challenges of the 2021 rally, tire conservation, team tactics and positioning, predictions and strategies going forward and, finally, just hoping for some luck because that seems very important this year.Enjoy today's show as we dig deep into what went down on this brutal stage, and how hard it is to predict what's going to happen in the future. 
  • Dakar Rally Daily podcast

    Dakar Rally Daily - Episode 12: Stage 04 Results


    The pendulum slows.Today's Stage 4 of the 2021 Dakar Rally in Saudia Arabia has signaled the slow down of the massive pendulum swings affecting the top-20 racers in the Elite Motorcycle division. As the race tightens slowly, some racers are making strategic moves to align with the fastest contenders and really begin the race craft.Ricky Brabec on the Monster Energy Honda team seems to be taking the lead in strategic riding, holding back from top speed today to set himself up favorably for two challenging stages before the rest day. Meanwhile his teammate Joan Barreda has kept the throttle pinned, taking his 26th career stage win and blitzing minutes away from the field in today's timed section, averaging ~ 75 mph for over 200 miles of race course. We chat with Johnny Campbell and Kendall Norman inside the Brabec/Cornejo motorhome and get some insight into the new play from the American Honda rider. We also break down the next few stages and go over what happened on today's extremely fast course.Enjoy! 

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