Cultivating Grace podcast

Cultivating Grace

Lara Molettiere

Join us as we cultivate grace into the principles and practices of homeschool and motherhood. Homeschool experts and mom mentors will be here to share encouragement, tackle questions about homeschooling methods, learning styles, and help you cultivate a home and mom-life filled with learning and love. Right here -- every other Saturday.

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  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Theology and the Arts - using beauty as a vessel for Truth


    Join special guest Dallas Nachtigall and Lara for a chat about art, music, literature, and Truth. In this time of uncertainty and chaos, we can utilize beauty to help our children grow and thrive in spite of the ugliness of the world.  Find show notes and resources here:
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Loop Scheduling for Your Homeschool


    Join us with special guest Tauna Meyer from Proverbial Homemaker to discuss all things loop scheduling! Find show notes and resources here: 
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

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  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Homeschooling Joyfully - a conversation with Misty Bailey


    Can you homeschool joyfully? Misty says absolutely! Join us for this encouraging conversation and finsd show notes and resources here:
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Charlotte Mason, Living Books, and Literary Lives


    Charlotte Mason and living books help inspire a love of reading in your children. Learn how to begin the process today with our special guest Dachelle McVey from Literary Adventures for Kids.  Resources and show notes may be found here:
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Education is an Atmosphere


    What does "Education as an Atmosphere" mean? Come join us for a deep dive into Charlotte Mason's 6th principle of education and find out! Find show notes and resources here: 
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Charlotte Mason and Early Literacy


    Join us for a discussion on Charlotte Mason and literacy with the delightful Leah Martin of My Little Robins. Find show notes and resources here:
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Introduction to The Iron Curtain - What is Marxism? with Linda Lacour Hobar


    Join us with the lovely Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History for a discussion on what Marxism is as an introduction to The Homeschool Garden's newest session - The Iron Curtain. View the show notes and resources here: and learn more about The Homeschool Garden morning time session The Iron Curtain here:
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    5 Reasons You Need Poetry in Your Homeschool


    You need poetry for homeschool. It develops so many wonderful facets of your child's mind and there are many simple ways to add it! Find resources and show notes here:
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    How to love Shakespeare so your kids will, too!


    Join us today with Amy from Humility and Doxology to chat all things Shakespeare including how to include him in your studies, recitation and memorization, and keeping it fun! See our show notes and resources here.
  • Cultivating Grace podcast

    Charlotte Mason Principle 5: Atmosphere, discipline, life


    Join us for a deep dive into Charlotte Mason Principle 5 - Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life. Find more resources and show references here:

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