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Madness, Murder and Music: Phil Spector and the tragic death of Lana Clarkson

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Lana Clarkson was a budding comedian when her life took a tragic turn. On a shift at The House of Blues, she met the troubled “pop genius", Phil Spector. Spector worked with everyone from The Beatles to Tina Turner, but by 2003, he was an eccentric recluse. Spector begged Clarkson to come home with him and she reluctantly agreed. Hours later, she was found dead in Spector’s California mansion from a gunshot wound to the head.

In this episode, we speak to the final journalist to interview Spector before his arrest. Mick Brown wrote all about it in his fascinating book, Tearing Down the Wall of Sound: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector.

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This episode's transcript can be found here.

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