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If you're an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer or filmmaker, whether emerging or established, The Creative Boom Podcast is full of fun and honest conversations with creative people that will inspire. Expect many laughs, a few tears but plenty of advice and insight to help you in your creative career. Hosted by Katy Cowan, founding editor of Creative Boom, a platform she launched in 2009 to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community.

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  • Creative Boom podcast

    Niki Groom on building a career in illustration, slow fashion and why the industry must change


    Niki Groom, also known as Miss Magpie Spy, is an award-winning fashion, beauty and lifestyle illustrator from the UK. Creating work that is colourful, hand-drawn, and feminine, her clients include Vogue, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Liberty. Our conversation threw up lots of helpful advice on freelancing, marketing, and surviving as a professional illustrator. We hear of her fascinating experience of being a fashion designer, her time living in India, and how a backpacking trip to Australia led to her first illustration commission and work with Vogue. And we dive into cultural shifts, slow fashion, and diversity in the creative industries. Season Three of The Creative Boom Podcast is kindly sponsored by Capture One.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    Alex Gamsu Jenkins on delayed starts, drawing creepy monsters, and being Instagram famous


    Alex Gamsu Jenkins is an illustrator and cartoonist from south London who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015 having studied Illustration. Since then, he's worked for everyone from Vice to The New York Times and Netflix, building quite the reputation for his satirical, often grotesque work. Here, we chat about the highs and lows of freelancing, finding our creative voices, and learning when we can pick and choose clients and projects. Most refreshingly, we discover Alex's curiosity, kindness, and interest in other people. A must-listen for those keen to build a successful career in illustration. Season Three of The Creative Boom Podcast is kindly sponsored by Capture One.
  • Creative Boom podcast

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  • Creative Boom podcast

    Gail Anderson on life in New York, lessons from the pandemic and why she hopes to slow down


    Gail Anderson is an award-winning American graphic designer, writer and educator based in New York, famous for her typographic works, hand-lettering and poster designs, as well as her time at Rolling Stone magazine. Today, Gail is co-founder of Anderson Newton Designs, which she runs with Joe Newton. Here, we hear more about her family, her childhood, and how the pandemic made her realise a few harsh truths. We learn of pumpkins and bears, and the real joy of having a place to call home. This is a warm and inspiring conversation with one of the biggest yet most humble names in graphic design today. Season Three of The Creative Boom Podcast is kindly sponsored by Capture One.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    Kieron Lewis on graphic design, building confidence and going freelance during a pandemic


    Kicking off our third season with Kieron Lewis, a south London-born freelance graphic designer, public speaker and Adobe Live Host, and co-founder of London creative studio Olga and Kay, which he runs with photographer Olga Kott. Here, we chat about his decision to go freelance during a pandemic, why he loves to give back to the next generation, and how he's feeling after quite a few eventful years. We discuss the power of side projects, pushing creative skills and how to build confidence. We also talk of life getting back to normal, of dinner parties and how the world is changing for the better. Season Three of The Creative Boom Podcast is kindly sponsored by Capture One.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    George Simkin on not taking life too seriously and the joy of play in design


    Graphic designer and illustrator George Simkin creates work that is bold, playful and loads of fun – pretty much a reflection of his lively personality. Originally from Ireland, he's a much-loved character on social media and became famous for his hilarious Christmas cards. In this episode, we talk about George leaving Ireland for London during that whirlwind excitement of youth when taking risks was something we didn't really second-guess. We chat about why it's nice getting older as we gain more confidence, we stop caring about what others think and we perhaps figure out who we are, tapping more into the things we love. We also realise we have to live in the moment – stop worrying about what happened in the past, or heaven forbid, what might go wrong in future.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    Adriana Bellet on how to become a freelance illustrator and redefining what success means


    Adriana Bellet is the Stockholm-based illustrator, otherwise known as Jeez Vanilla with clients including NBC News and The Guardian. Originally from Spain, Adriana graduated from University of the Arts London in 2010 with a postgrad in Surface Design and has been freelancing ever since. Here, we chat about her surviving the last decade as a freelancer and her recent move to being represented by an agent. We also talk about Black Lives Matter and the danger of tokenism, as well as the demands of motherhood, and how her views on work have changed since having two children.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    Nicky Goulder on how creativity can change people's lives for the better


    Nicky Goulder is the founding chief executive of Create, the UK's leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. It all began at Nicky's dining room table in 2003 following her vision a year earlier when she was motivated by a passion for helping to create a fair, caring and inclusive society where anyone, no matter their situation, could fulfil their potential. Here, we discuss how the creative arts have the power to change lives. We also find out how Create coped when the pandemic hit last year, how it adapted and the difference it continues to make, despite the many challenges today.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    Trent Payne on representation, ditching labels and why art and design can change the world


    Trent Payne is a London-born award-winning creative who is currently the creative lead at TouchNote. During his varied career, he has run a thriving creative studio, and worked in-house and at leading agencies, working on campaigns for the likes of MTV, Nike and Warner Brothers. Here, we talk about what it was like back in the early '90s as a black student hoping to make it into that creative world – and we look at how things may or might not have changed in nearly three decades. We also talk about the differences between freelancing, working in-house and agency side. This is a frank and open discussion about the changing creative industries, unconventional paths, diversity, and the power of speaking up.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    Katie Chappell on finding her creative superpower and the importance of community


    Katie Chappell is a freelance illustrator specialising in 'live event' illustration for brands such as Google, Facebook and Apple. She's also one of the founders of The Good Ship Illustration, helping other artists to navigate a creative career. Here, we talk about how Katie found her niche. And she explains why there's no shame in a part-time job when you're trying to make illustration a full-time career. We also discuss productivity tips, business planning and why having your own creative community is everything.
  • Creative Boom podcast

    William Seabrook on life after freelancing and growing an ambitious branding agency


    Brand consultant William Seabrook began his career in 2002 when he graduated with a degree in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University. He then spent three years working as a fashion illustrator but later ventured into design, launching his own branding consultancy. Here, we chat about growing businesses, the lessons we learn, the mistakes we make – all leading to something bigger and better. It's a very honest chat about surviving and thriving in the creative industries.

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