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Create Your Destiny Podcast

Kristin Richards

You may be wondering… how do I start my own online business? Can I really quit my 9-5 job and travel the world? How do I successfully create my brand identity and website layout? How do I convert my website visitors into paying clients? How can I get my traffic to my website? How do I stand out in a saturated market? How do I brand myself on social media? Okay… enough with the business talk. Life is about more than work people! Welcome to the Create Your Destiny Podcast where your host Kristin Kembel will be answering all of these brand strategy and marketing questions, but also the personal stuff too! Like how to finally start taking action in your life, and how to take charge of your own feelings and thoughts. Think of it like a fun life and career cocktail - where business hacks and insights meet mindset work and life coaching. It’s time to start dreaming big and then putting in the work to make it a reality. Let’s start creating your own dream destiny now. Kristin Richards is also the owner of Girlboss Designer, a branding and website design business serving women entrepreneurs. To learn more visit

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  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    59: Jack's Birth Story


    I have a special guest on this episode! If you hear any breathing or little funny noises, it's because little baby Jack was with me during the recording, all snuggled up in a wrap on my chest right by the microphone. This was my first episode I've recorded since he was born and it's been on my mind for a while to share his birth story with you guys. So here we go with Jack's whole birth story!
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    58: Top Website Homepage Do's and Don'ts


    The homepage is often people's first impression of you and your business when they come to your website. On the homepage you only really have a few seconds to hopefully spark some interest and keep them looking further - vs. going elsewhere never to return.   In this podcast episode I'm talking you through the top Do's and Don'ts for your website's homepage, so you can attract your ideal clients and spark their interest to take action!
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

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  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    57: Who are you Becoming?


    Do you ever stop and think about this? Every decision we make, action we take, thought we embrace, and beliefs we choose to keep are all shaping us into the future version of ourselves. But who is this person anyways? Who are you actually becoming? Do you have a vision for her - or are you allowing her to develop by default? What do the choices you're making today say about the person you're becoming? If this feels like a new concept to you - I'm going to help you break this down into 3 parts. Listen to this episode to check them out!
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    56: Elevate Your Business with Systems & Workflows with Sydney Young


    Today on the podcast we have Sydney Young and we're chatting about workflows and systems for your service based business! I have a sweet spot for this guest because she is one of my past coaching clients, so she's extra special to me. I'm really excited for all of the knowledge and the tricks and the tips that she's going to share with you today.
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    55: The #1 Overlooked Secret to Getting People to Your Website


    Did you recently launch your site and you're wondering why it's not on the first page on Google when you search for yourself? Same reason! It just takes a little time. And unless you have a business name that is extremely unique, it's very likely there are other websites out there with similar keywords and combinations of words that have existing on the web longer, and therefore, will come up sooner than you.   SO - how exactly do you get these people to your website sooner than later?!
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    54: Become a Published Author & Build Your Brand with Jessi Beyer


    I am so excited to share this episode with you because it's definitely a new topic that we have not covered yet on the podcast. Are you someone who has been thinking about writing a book, started writing but you're feeling stuck, or maybe writing a book has been on your vision board but it just feels like this big far off thing? If any of that sounds like you, this is definitely going to be the perfect episode for you! Our guest today Jessi Beyer is an award-nominated international speaker and author.
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    53: How I'm Preparing for Maternity Leave


    I am officially just a few short weeks away from my due date! It feels like only yesterday I was in disbelief I was actually pregnant, and here we are about to meet our baby boy at any time now. In this solo episode, I'm going to be taking you through what I've been doing to prepare for maternity leave as a business owner. It's totally different than putting in for maternity leave while working for a company.
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    52: Hiring Contractors vs. Employees with Kira La Forgia from Paradigm Consulting


    Get ready to laugh and be educated on some seemingly confusing topics with today's guest, Kira La Forgia. Kira and I met in the Aligned Business Mastermind this year, and I hired her a few months back to help me make the transition from solopreneur with contractors supporting me, to official CEO running a payroll. I was happy to get Kira's help to make the process SO much easier and streamlined. Let's get to the episode!
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    51. How to Start Outsourcing in Your Online Business


    If you're wanting to grow your business beyond yourself to be more scalable - at some point it will be time to hire help. This is such an exciting AND scary time. The ideal of letting someone else come into your business you've built can feel intimidating and risky. Just know it's an essential part of graduating from solopreneur status - to becoming the true CEO of your online business. In this episode I'll be letting you in behind the scenes of my personal experience with hiring help - starting with a simple VA and then having our first official employees. I'll also take you through the 5 Steps I would suggest taking if you're brand new to outsourcing. This will help you figure out: What tasks to actually outsource according to your own genius zone, where to find these people online, and what to expect with onboarding.
  • Create Your Destiny Podcast podcast

    50: Magnetic Branding with Aurea Almeida


    I have a very special guest today - my friend and past mastermind sister Aurea Almeida! Aurea and I met through a mastermind back in 2019 (I think) with another one of my now friends here in Sydney, Hayley Tapper. We had the pleasure of hanging out in person during our mastermind retreat in Byron Bay, Australia, and while we've stayed in touch from afar since, I cannot wait to be reunited in person one day again.   Aurea is a Brand and Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs create massive growth in their business through magnetic personal branding.

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