Come On, Come Out podcast

Come On, Come Out

Stewart Thorndike, Refinery29, Mo Studios

Come On, Come Out is a one-of-a-kind, satirical, hybrid podcast where lesbians tell their coming out stories each week. The podcast features comedy superstars like Mary Houlihan, Ana Gasteyer, Gaby Hoffmann, and Sam Jay.

But there is a twist! The guests are real, LGBTQIA+ women from all walks of life but the host is the fictionalized character ANGELA ROSSERMAN, an inept, inappropriate, narcissist who is obsessed with her ex-girlfriend.

Stewart Thondike, the show’s creator, is a queer woman who loves coming out stories. She wanted to explore how homophobia can hide in unexpected places by creating the worst possible host. Enter Angela. A woman who is desperate to make a comeback with these tell-all coming out stories but who isn’t exactly comfortable with her own sexuality.

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7 épisodes