Cold Blooded podcast

Cold Blooded


With a smile and optimism that epitomizes South Florida in the 1980s, Billy Halpern is the last person anyone expects to find brutally murdered. Six months after his body is found, throat slit ear-to-ear in a professional execution-style hit, the investigation goes cold. When his best friend and girlfriend turn up dead, investigators realize Billy might have been caught up in a larger scheme involving the city's most dangerous criminals, local wise guy and mob associate Bert Christie and decorated ex-cop Gil Fernandez. 

Despite circumstantial evidence tying a growing list of crimes back to Christie and Fernandez, the murders go unsolved for years. Decades later, investigative journalist and former cop Scott Weinberger and Detective Danny Smith agree to work together to solve this murder mystery. Ultimately, this yearlong investigation will expose the true motive behind this killing spree and uncover new evidence including the DNA of the killer. Justice for Billy Halpern is just a listen away. 

4 épisodes