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In this episode of moving abroad, I have Jazz on the show, she's a travel coach and her mission is to inspire others to travel for self-awareness and personal development. Together we talk about her experience traveling for the past 10 years and how travel has helped her grow.

Find Jazz on instagram @jasmine.gatt and checkout her website Tour De Jazz

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  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Where have I been? Leaving Australia and moving to Spain


    Hello everyone! I'm back with another season, as you can see I made some changes and here's the podcast's new name "The expat lounge podcast"  I thought it would make more sense because my podcast is based on conversations with other travellers, expats, migrants.  In this episode, I briefly share with you what has been going on and my plans for the future. I have left Australia after almost 4 years!  At the time of the recording I was still in Belgium, I have now moved to Madrid! You can follow my journey on my YouTube channel link down below  My Australia visa journey ->  Spain vlogs ->
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Traveling with Adam


    Hey guys!In this episode, Adam and I talk about his experience as a solo traveler but also traveling with friends.  We also talk about Clubhouse and the impact it might have on us, future travel plans when the pandemic is over, and many other things! You can follow Adam on Instagram @clemoadam and @clemotv 
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

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  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Budget travelling and pandemic travel with Deja


    In today's episode, Deja and I are discussing her experience on solo travelling but also travelling during the pandemic and how the industry has changed and has adapted to the situation for those who are allowed to travel. Make sure you check out Deja on her Instagram @dejatheexplorer, her website and services on
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Solo travelling and contente creation with Lu


    In this week’s episode, Luisana  from @thesolofemaletravelerpodcast is sharing with us her experience as a solo traveller coming from a small town moving to the US and travelling solo! We also talk about content creation and the struggle when getting started to get organized, find balance, and a workflow that works for us. 
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Dancing her way through solo travelling!


    Hi friends! In this episode of the Cocoabuttertravel Podcast, I'm talking with Jocelyn about her experience as a solo traveller and artist. How she decided to live off of her passion as a performer mixed with travelling around the world. Make sure you check her out on Instagram @jocemoves 
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Solo travelling with Grace - part 1


    In this first episode of Cocoabuttertravel Podcast season 2, we're diving deeper into solo travelling by starting with my personal experience as a solo traveller. I've been travelling since I was about 7 or 8 years old and at 22 I did my first solo trip to the US After recording this episode I realised that I had more to share about my travel experience, so there will be a part 2 coming up in a few weeks!I hope you will enjoy this episode feel free to follow me on Instagram @cocoabuttertravel and @cocoabuttertravel_podcast for updates on new episodes! 
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Let's wrap it up! | Season 1 finale


    Hey guys! In this episode I answer two questions that were asked to me on instagram and I share what's coming up in the next season. Here's the link to the podcast's Instagram account, make sure you follow me to get updated on next season! 
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Healing through travel


    In today's episode I have Blue on the show! An amazing example of healing through travel and turn around a chaotic upbringing to something positive. She shares with us her story and what she expects from the future. Follow Blue on Instagram @truestblu
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Raising a family abroad


    In this episode, I have Ireti on the show. Originally from Nigeria she’s first generation to the US. We talk about her love for travelling, moving to Europe to be with her husband and start a family! She talks about the struggles she faced but also how she still wants to travel with her kids and how she sees the future.Like I said in this show I want to empower anyone and everyone to travel and move abroad no matter their background or situation. Ireti shows us that even with kids and there’s space for travel.Follow Ireti on Instagram @heygirlray
  • The Expat Lounge podcast

    Finding myself at the other side of the world


    In this episode I'm going solo! Highly requested I decided to record on my birthday an episode about my own travel journey and moving abroad. Also an update on what's next for the podcast and how I see my future here in Australia Don't forget to follow me on Instagram 

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