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That Cheese Plate’s Marissa Mullen On Fromage Faves, Cheesemongers & Social Media

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Hosted by Kerry Diamond
Produced by Catherine Baker and Jenna Sadhu
Edited by Jenna Sadhu
Music by Tralala, “All Fired Up”

Marissa Mullen has a career that cheese lovers could only dream of. As the founder of That Cheese Plate, Marissa gets to meet cheesemakers and cheesemongers; travel to famous cheese regions; and share her flair for making cheese boards with her audience online and off. Her second book, That Cheese Plate Wants To Party, is out tomorrow and leans into the celebratory side of cheese. 

Marissa joins host Kerry Diamond to share what it’s like to be a cheese influencer, how her jobs at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert shaped what she does today, her picks for everything from crackers to produce, and her day-to-day as a culinary creative.

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