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Shukette’s Ayesha Nurdjaja And Vicki Freeman Still Love Restaurants

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What’s it like to have a hit on your hands after decades of working in the restaurant industry? For Chef Ayesha Nurdjaja and Restaurateur Vicki Freeman of the Bowery Group, it’s been a thrill seeing their Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant Shukette make top 10 lists and garner great reviews since opening less than a year ago. But a big success doesn’t make them immune from other industry woes, including employee shortages and navigating a pandemic. The two join host Kerry Diamond to talk about the magic of Shukette, why they love restaurants so much, and how they’re dealing with all the changes in the industry. 

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Radio Cherry Bombe is recorded at Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Our theme song is by the band Tra La La.

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