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Sarah Thomas Talks Kalamata’s Kitchen And Her Somm Life At Le Bernardin

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Hosted by Kerry Diamond
Produced by Catherine Baker and Jenna Sadhu
Edited by Jenna Sadhu
Music by Tralala, “All Fired Up”

Sarah Thomas never could have predicted her career path. She studied English Renaissance literature at Cambridge, worked as a sommelier at the highly regarded Le Bernardin restaurant after getting a surprise job offer, and then, at the suggestion of a friend, co-founded Kalamata’s Kitchen, a platform that inspires children to experience the world through adventures with food.

Today, Sarah is “chief imaginator” of Kalamata’s Kitchen, and is helping children understand different cuisines and cultures, something she wishes existed when she was a young girl in the school lunchroom hiding the food she brought from home.

Sarah joins host Kerry Diamond to talk about the Le Bernardin dinner that changed her life, her love of books, the importance of saying “yes,” and lots more. 

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