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Restaurant (R)evolution: Chef Amanda Cohen Of Dirt Candy On Banishing Tips, Cutting Food Costs, And Loving Spreadsheets

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Welcome to Restaurant (R)evolution, our new miniseries dedicated to those doing things differently in the industry. Over the next few weeks, Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond will be talking to folks changing and challenging the rules of the restaurant world to learn what they’re doing and why.

Today’s guest is Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of Dirt Candy, the vegetable-forward restaurant in New York City. Amanda is known for her plant-forward cuisine, but she’s also made a name for herself as someone not afraid to take on the system, especially when it comes to gratuities. Because of tipping’s problematic realities, Amanda is resolutely anti-tipping. When she moved Dirt Candy to a bigger location in 2015, she set out to make things more equitable between her front and back of house, provide a true living wage, and show that there’s an alternative to the pervasive gratuity culture. 

Tune in to learn how she did it. Amanda also shares her advice on what to do if you’re thinking of opening a restaurant today and gives a peek at her upcoming fall menu. 

Want to read more about tipping culture? Here’s Vince Dixon’s Eater article. 

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Hosted by Kerry Diamond
Produced by Catherine Baker and Jenna Sadhu
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