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Priyanka Chopra Jonas And Maneesh Goyal, Hospitality’s New Dynamic Duo

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Maneesh Goyal are on a mission to share the rich culture, cuisine, and hospitality of India with everyone they can. Priyanka, the groundbreaking actor and UNICEF ambassador, and Maneesh, an entrepreneur and Planned Parenthood board member, joined forces last year to open Sona, a pan-Indian restaurant in New York City, but they didn’t stop there. They recently launched Sona Home, a companion luxury brand that features tabletop items and housewares. 

The two friends sat down with host Kerry Diamond to talk about Sona, Sona Home, and the intention behind each brand. Priyanka also shares a few stories about her teenage years in Iowa, while Maneesh takes us back to 1979 and the opening of his father’s restaurant, which was the very first Indian restaurant in Texas. They also help us navigate the Sona menu and reveal their must-order items. 

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Recorded by Eric Sheppard on location at Sona Restaurant in Manhattan. Radio Cherry Bombe is a production of Cherry Bombe Magazine. Our theme song is by the band Tra La La. 

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