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Let’s Eat! With Stanley Tucci And The New York Times’ Nikita Richardson

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Summer’s here and we hope that means good eats for you this season. On today’s show, two folks who want to help: writer/actor/producer Stanley Tucci and The New York Times Food & Cooking editor Nikita Richardson. Stanley joins us in the second part of the show to chat about his summer plans, his summer reading list, and the San Pellegrino "Summer like an Italian" sweepstakes. (Pro tip: enter!) At the start of the show, host Kerry Diamond catches up with Nikita to hear about her job at the Times and her restaurant newsletter, Where To Eat: New York City. Nikita shares a few faves, her advice for snagging restaurant reservations, and how she tries to have a work-life balance. 

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Radio Cherry Bombe is recorded at Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Our theme song is by the band Tra La La.

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