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Jenny Nguyen Of The Sports Bra, The Country’s First Sports Bar Dedicated To Women’s Sports

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Hosted by Kerry Diamond
Produced by Catherine Baker and Jenna Sadhu
Edited by Jenna Sadhu
Music by Tralala, “All Fired Up”

Jenny Nguyen is the founder and owner of The Sports Bra, the country’s first sports bar dedicated exclusively to women’s sports. Jenny, a chef by training, didn’t realize what a stir she would create with The Sports Bra. She was looking to open a place that would show women’s sports on all of its televisions; have better food than the average sports bar; and be welcoming to non-binary, queer, and trans individuals. Little did she know, she was opening a feminist landmark. 

Jenny joins host Kerry Diamond to talk about the origin story of The Sports Bra; Jenny’s early years as a high school and college basketball player whose career was cut short; the weight of her immigrant parents’ expectations; and the amazing reaction to The Sports Bra from female athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world. 

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