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California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross Talks About Farming, Climate Change, And The State’s Famous Produce

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Hosted by Kerry Diamond
Produced by Catherine Baker and Jenna Sadhu
Edited by Jenna Sadhu
Music by Tralala, “All Fired Up”

More than 50 percent of the produce we consume in America comes from California, and there’s one woman who keeps tabs on all of it, from citrus to avocados, almonds, wine grapes, and beyond. Her name is Karen Ross and she’s been the California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary since 2011. 

Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond sat down with Secretary Ross in her office in the state capital of Sacramento to talk about the state’s incredible output, climate change, and current stats on female farmers and farm workers. They also talk about Secretary Ross’s early years growing up on a farm in Nebraska and how that shaped her outlook today. 

This conversation is part of a special program with California Grown that also included a panel discussion in Sacramento with female growers and officials from the region on International Women’s Day. 

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