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475: How to Thrive as a New Generation Executive (with Emily Bermes)

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Welcome to an episode with CEO and executive coach, Emily Bermes.

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In this episode, Emily spoke about the challenges that new generation executives are facing, particularly during the trying times of the pandemic. She discussed how having no physical role model or person to look up to impacts how an executive behaves and performs, and how executives cope up with that.

Emily Bermes is the CEO of a human capital consulting firm. She has devoted her career to helping executives—from Fortune 100 companies to industry-shifting startups—successfully assimilate into new roles, create strong teams, and develop cultures that attract and retain the best talent.

Combining more than 20 years of experience as a partner-level management consultant and executive coach with her background as a quantitative researcher, Emily is a master at creating customized, elegant solutions for the toughest organizational and human capital challenges. She has successfully assimilated nearly 100 executives across multiple industries.

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