Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

Casa de Haha Podcast

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin shines an ever-changing spotlight on funny humans. Live stand-up, interviews, travel, life.

15 épisodes

  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep26 Tom Rhodes


    No comedian has done it like Tom Rhodes. After proving himself as a top tier American club comic, life and love took him elsewhere. Tom talks travel, winning @midnight, 30 days at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and his unique path in comedy.
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep25 Radio Clip Show


    25 episodes! Daniel guest hosts the I Love You Miami radio show and hijacks it to talk comedy. He brings local comics Michael Maryanoff and Bradlys Philoctete into the studio to play some choice cuts from the pod’s first two years ft. Adrian Mesa, Forrest Shaw, Lisa Corrao, Freddy Stebbins, Patrick Schroeder, Gabriel Iglesias, and W.... (read more)
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

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  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep24 Bad Dads


    John Vargas and Eric DaSilva visit Daniel’s apartment and are inspired to become his life coaches. Cuban coffee vodka shots lead to soul searching and no ego is safe. Will these terrible fathers coax a dark potential within our host? A cross-podination with Bad Dads Podcast.
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep23 Vegas Trolls


    Daniel drives cross country with John Wynn as he moves from Miami to Los Angeles. Join them for a Las Vegas pit stop as slot veteran Johnny imparts casino wisdom to a wide-eyed Daniel continually amazed by the spectacle of Sin City. Pretend it’s YOUR money we’re losing!
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep22 Gabriel Iglesias


    Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias sits down with Daniel to discuss his first stand-up concert film, The Fluffy Movie. Gabriel highlights his journey through comedy and gives insight into that mysterious monster named Showbiz. This episode is short, sweet, and packed (kind of like Fluffy)!
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep21 Eric Gil


    Eric Gil is moving to LA. Arriving on the scene from Orlando he quickly became a local favorite. So that means he’s outta here, now fully marinated in Miami mojo. Get to know this great comic as we talk teaching, comedy contests, and making the big move. And you will call him E-GIL-EYES.
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep20 Jim Breuer


    Jim Breuer! Goat Boy himself speaks with Daniel about getting his comedy start in FL, becoming a suburbanite, and branching out into writing, filmmaking, and his upcoming heavy metal comedy album. Plus catch up with Daniel’s new projects as he turns 29.
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep19 W. Kamau Bell + SoBe Fest 2014


    What? A comedian you’ve heard of? Kamau W. Bell joins us to talk about performing at the South Beach Comedy Festival, the fallout of his show Totally Biased, and comedy with meaning. Also go behind the scenes of @Midnight’s first live show. Brag: Daniel saw Chris Hardwick bowl a strike.
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep18 Green Room Black Box


    Many comedians carpool, turning the drive home into another green room. A moving green room that can careen into a canal if you get carried away riffing.  Join comedians Adrian Mesa, John Wynn, and Daniel Reskin heading home after Artistic Vibes’ weekly Thursday open mic. Hear clips clips from the show, and enjoy the after-show... (read more)
  • Casa de Haha Podcast podcast

    Ep17 Nery Saenz


    Longtime Miami comedian and fellow podcaster Nery Saenz joins Daniel to discuss comedy milestones. Nery recently opened a string of shows for Dave Chappelle and is preparing to release an album. He also filled in when Daniel was fired his first weekend. Join us as we have fun talking shop.

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