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Can U Put Me On Guestlist?

Katie Knight

Katie Knight digs deep into the lives of artists, managers, label managers, publicists, club owners, tour managers, promoters and more, to find out more about how they started out in the music industry, challenges they've come across, achievements, opinions, goals and stories that they've made along the way.

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  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Michelle Pamela


    Welcome to the last episode of season 3 of Can U Put Me On Guestlist! I couldn't think of a better way to finish this season than with one of my best friends in the entire world, Michelle. If you've partied in Ibiza or at any of the biggest festivals around the globe, the chances are you've seen Michelle dance. Michelle has danced for Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Manumission, Ultra Festival, BPM, Music On, the list goes on, and her talent has taken her all over the globe not just to dance herself but also to manage and coordinate other dancers at events. So with a few drinks (which I so wish could have been in person!), we chat all about the world of dancing, how she got to where she is today, stories she’s made along the way, Ibiza, managing other dancers, the hardest part of being a dancer, working busy schedules and much more.  Our first ever interview together was back in 2013 when we didn't even know each other and since then she has become such a special person to me, so I'm so happy that we did this together and that Michelle is part of the podcast.  Thank you so much for your support this season, I really appreciate it and remember to subscribe to the podcast so you’ll find out as soon as season 4 starts which will be very soon! 
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Rosanne Janmaat (COO of ID&T)


    Welcome back to the podcast! This week I am joined by Rosanne Janmaat who is the COO of ID&T, a Dutch company that has been running since 1992, organizing some of the biggest events in dance music such as Awakenings, Sensation, Mystryland and many many as well as being the co-founders of Tomorrowland.   Recently they organized a Fieldlab test festival in the Netherlands to investigate how events with an increased visitor capacity can take place safely and responsibly during the pandemic. We talk all about how the test went, how it worked and what Rosanne thinks are the next steps for large events to be able to happen again soon. Rosanne became COO of ID&T at the start of 2021, so we also talk about how she found stepping into such a big role at such a difficult time for the entertainment industry.   Find out more about ID&T here:
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

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  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast



    This week I am joined by Ali Shirazinia, aka Dubfire. The Grammy Award-winning producer, artist, DJ, SCI+TEC boss, 1/2 of Deepdish, gastronome, wanderlust and level 2 certified Sake professional is just one of those people that you could chat to for hours and hours about so many different topics so I was so excited to have him on. We talk about the beginning of his career, how the last year has been for him and what has kept him busy, his favourite podcasts, meeting people like Madonna and Anthony Bourdain, his great passion for food and so much more!
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Jay Forster (BBC Radio 1)


    There is nothing that I love talking about more than the fascinating world of broadcasting, so having Jay on the podcast was just fab! Jay Forster is a DJ and producer at BBC Radio 1 where he produces shows such as Danny Howard, Radio 1 Dance Presents and Wind Down Presents. We chat all about how Jay got into the music industry and how his journey at BBC began, some of his most memorable shows that he's produced, some of the shows that haven't quite gone to plan!, his 11-year running radio show House Central, how he's found producing shows from home during lockdown, Ibiza and more! Find Jay on Instagram here: Check out House Central here:
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast



    This week I get to know more about the incredibly creative Lisbon-based musician, Luis Clara Gomes aka Moullinex. Although music had always been a big part of his life when growing up, before making music, Luis studied software engineering in the fields of astronomy and neurology so in this episode we talk about how these studies have influenced his music, his label, live band and club night Discotexas, the creative process behind his music videos, his beautiful upcoming album Requiem for Empathy and more! Pre-order Requiem for Empathy here:
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Chelina Manuhutu


    Welcome back to Can U Put Me On Guestlist?! Chelina Manuhutu is this week’s guest and what a fun episode it was to record! When I asked Chelina to come on to the show she said “why don’t we record it at the beach?!”. At first I didn’t know how I felt about taking all my equipment down but we did in the end and wow, it was so amazing! We sat on a rock at Sa Caleta in Ibiza, the sun was shining and we just had a real good catch up and a laugh and chatted about a variety of things, from music to baking, putting people on guestlist and more!   Find Chelina on Instagram:
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Hannah Wants


    This week I am joined by the lovely Hannah Wants. Back in December Hannah moved to Ibiza with her gorgeous dog Ivor to reset and work on herself after battling breast cancer for the second time whilst simultaneously going through the difficulties that covid brought to the world. In this podcast we talk about her journey and how she is taking control of her health and wellbeing to overcome such a difficult time in her life, how making music has played a big part in her healing process, all of the amazing music that she has been working on, the relaunch of her label etiquette, her new live stream series, how she has been enjoying the island so far and more! A chat that left me feeling very inspired by Hannah’s positive approach towards life.   Hannah’s latest track Lift Off is out now on Ultra:  
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Mark Lawrence


    Mark Lawrence has done so much in the music industry as well as for it. This includes 10 years at PRS as well as being the former CEO of AFEM. Mark is now the director of Black Rock Publishing as well as Sentric Electronic, working side by side with some of the most exciting established and upcoming talent in the industry. Before this interview, I personally didn’t know much about publishing at all, so it was so interesting to find out exactly how publishing works, how a publishing deal comes about and how the last year has affected the world of publishing. Mark is so great to listen to as not only does he share so much great knowledge but also gives a lot of brilliant advice for creatives. Mark is also an Advisory Board Member at In Place of War, which you can find more information about here:   Black Rock:   Sentric Electronic:
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Lilly Palmer


    On this week’s episode of Can U Put Me On Guestlist? I am joined by the lovely Lilly Palmer. Born in Germany but spending a lot of time in Zurich with its great and flourishing underground scene, her devotion for music got stronger and stronger which finally led her to the decision to fully dive into the realm of the underground in 2015. Since then, and now based just outside of Amsterdam, Lilly hasn’t stopped, releasing on labels such as Drumcode, Senso Sounds and Octopus Recordings and performing at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. In this episode, I have a really down to earth chat with Lilly about her career so far and the challenges she has come across along the way, getting creative in the studio, her transition from nutritionist to DJ and so much more. A chat with lots of giggles and fun! Follow Lilly and everything she gets up to here:
  • Can U Put Me On Guestlist? podcast

    Farah Syed (Beatport)


    Welcome back to ‘Can U Put Me On Guestlist?’! I’m very excited to kick off 2021 with one of life’s gems, Farah Syed. After spending half of her life in California, Farah’s career began in Los Angeles working for powerhouse talent agency, WME, where she spent over five years focusing on brand partnerships and commercial endorsements for the agency’s music roster which included working with artists such as Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Rihanna and many more. (Imagine working with names like these at one of your first jobs!) After agency life, Farah then went into artist management. Farah then moved to Berlin and started working with the world's largest electronic music platform for digital downloads, yes you got it, Beatport. Farah has a great overview of the company and has had roles within the Label Management and Marketing/Creative Services teams.  She now oversees PR for the company and is focusing on strategic external partnerships with conferences, philanthropic organizations, initiatives related to diversity and mental health, as well as updating the Beatport community on their news and products. In addition, based on her extensive history working with artists, Farah is involved on the artist side, giving input for the editorial on Beatportal, curating various streams and booking collectives from all over the globe to DJ on their Twitch channel. We chat about where her love for electronic music began, the start of her career, working for Beatport, being a proud member and ambassador of, mental health and more!    Connect with Farah on Instagram: Become a member: Beatport’s Mental Health focused stream: ReConnect x When The Music Stops - #youarenotalone kAFOODLe Other mental health resources:   UK   Global  

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