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How Juul (Sadly) Made Vaping Cool, with Sheila Kaplan

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Nora and Scott get the story behind the e-cigarette maker Juul, exploring the company’s rise as a Silicon valley startup and the decisions that led to its current relationship with Altria, the tobacco giant behind Marlboro cigarettes. New York Times reporter Sheila Kaplan discusses her reporting on Juul and the documentary Move Fast & Vape Things, along with her investigation "How Juul Hooked a Generation on Nicotine."

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    Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown on Navigating the Plant-Based Meat Biz


    Nora and Scott chat with Ethan Brown, the founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, one of the leading companies in the plant-based meat industry, about the cultural shift around eating meat, and how to navigate the growing plant-based meat industry. Source note: Scott references this Business Insider article about “the world’s first modern vegetarians” in the quiz.
  • Business Casual podcast

    The Whistleblower Movement Shaking Up the Tech Industry


    Nora and Scott are talking about whistleblowing in the tech biz with Shirin Ghaffary, a tech reporter for Recode/Vox, who published an investigation titled, Big Tech’s employees are one of the biggest checks on its power. She covers the growing internal whistleblower movement against big tech companies, reveals how it's shaping the tech business and what it means for industry regulation.
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    Bringing the Human Back to Leadership


    What it means to be a manager at work has fundamentally changed. Nora and Scott chat with Morning Brew’s own GM of Education Karen Hebert-Maccaro about how leadership is changing post-pandemic, in the midst of The Great Resignation.
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    Investing in Diverse Founders with Genius Guild’s Kathryn Finney


    In 2020, just 3% of the $147.6 billion invested in venture capital went to Black-founded companies, according to the U.S. Census [from Forbes]. Kathryn Finney, entrepreneur, investor and author chats with Nora and Scott about her latest project called Genius Guild, which combines an incubator, venture studio and fund that supports Black entrepreneurs. Check out Kathryn Finney’s podcast Build the Damn Thing.
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    The Truth About the Wellness Industry


    Pour yourself a tall glass of celery juice and join Scott and Nora as they break down the wellness industry with Amanda Mull, a staff writer for The Atlantic. She details its history, meteoric rise, clever marketing strategies, and lack of regulation. Check out some of Amanda’s reporting on Goop and Instagram wellness fads.
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    Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur with Pia Thompson of Sweet Digs


    Pia Thompson, founder and CEO of Sweet Digs, tells Scott and Nora about her path to becoming a creative entrepreneur (including the pivot from her career as an attorney), and how she runs her home/life organizing business, Sweet Digs. Plus: Tips on starting fresh, organizing and decluttering to kick off the new year.
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    Ending Burnout Means Changing the Way We Work


    Nora and Scott are talking about burnout and how to end it in the new year. Writer Jonathan Malesic explains why the forces driving burnout are all part of our cultural obsession with work, and why self-help books and articles aren't much help. His new book is called The End Of Burnout: Why Work Drains Us and How to Build Better Lives.
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    How AI is Changing Shopping with Wizard CEO Melissa Bridgeford


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  • Business Casual podcast

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    Bonus: "How To Get Your Shit Together" from Founder's Journal


    In this bonus show, Morning Brew Co-Founder Alex Lieberman talks about the framework he uses to get his shit together and stay organized. Find more episodes of Founder's Journal on your favorite podcast platform here:

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