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Cut the pretentious gate-keeping chat! A podcast talking music, architecture, fashion, sports, art and design.

Hey, I'm Samuel, a graduate Graphic Artist from London. I've always been hugely in to the topics I've mentioned but have often found myself lacking a connection with the stuff I see in mainstream magazines, filled with unobtainable high fashion pieces, cold commercial design and exclusively big name football clubs. I don't have anyone to chat with about the stuff that interests me and so many people I see online, so I'm going to talk about it here!

I post visuals of everything I talk about in the podcasts via Twitter (@btecbasquiat), just to give some context and a reference point for my rambles. Please, please, please get involved on Twitter and feel free to chat or ask any questions as I'd love to create a discussion and a community to surround it.

Twitter: @btecbasquiat

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