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Britney's Gram

Barbara Gray and Tess Barker

Each week, comedians Tess Barker and Barbara Gray discuss and dissect Britney Spears's Instagram posts.

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  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Now Available- Toxic: The Britney Spears Story


    Babs and Tess are dropping the first episode of TOXIC right here on the feed where it all started!! To listen to episode two and subscribe to all other eps, search Toxic: The Britney Spears Story in your podcast player of choice! Britney Spears wants out of her conservatorship. But how did she wind up in it to begin with? And what will it take to #FreeBritney? Babs Gray and Tess Barker have been digging into questions like these for years.
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Coming Soon - Toxic: The Britney Spears Story


    Coming this summer, Toxic: The Britney Spears Story lays out everything you need to know about Britney Spears, her controversial conservatorship, and the movement of fans trying to end it. Hosts Tess Barker and Babs Gray talk to exclusive sources, examine new sides of the story, and uncover disturbing truths about our legal system that go way beyond Britney. Subscribe now!
  • Britney's Gram podcast

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  • Britney's Gram podcast

    An Announcement of an Announcement


    Hello to all listeners of Britney's Gram, old and new! We're just dropping by for a second to finally let you know about the project we've been working on that will be coming out later this year. Follow us @britneysgram and follow @witnessdocs for more information coming soon!
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    The Whole World Is Watching


    It’s been a while… Babs and Tess are here to celebrate the news that Lou Taylor and Tri Star are out and Jamie is up for dismissal as conservator! They also discuss the upcoming podcast they’ll be doing, as well as interview attorney Katerina Perrault, who formerly worked with Andrew Wallet and has some interesting tea to spill. In addition they discuss Britney’s situation with a forensic mental health expert who provides some insight into coercive control and the steps that could be done to help Britney moving forward.
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Free Roger


    Tess and Babs share their expectations for what they hope will be a positive and momentous day in court for Britney on 1/22/20. They also sit down for an honest and heartbreaking conversation with Holly and Roger George who share the nightmarish experience they are living through as Jodi Montgomery attempts to sell their house.  Donate to Roger and Holly’s GoFundMe at 
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Con Purse


    Babs and Tess are back! They discuss why they'vebeen so quiet (hard at work on a project they can't yet announce), then dive into a restraining order against the very woman who has current reign on Britney's personhood. Wow this is a very different podcast than when it started out. 
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Keen on Freedom


    Babs and Tess report back from the Sept 18th hearing, including the interesting vibe from security and Jamie's lawyers, as well as Cheez-It missing his cue. We go over the Aug 22nd document that gives a clue as to why the process is being delayed. We luckily recorded this the night the astrology post dropped where B talked clearly about how much she loves freedom and independence. Next big hearing is January 22.
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Breakin' All the Rules I Didn't Make - With Bible Girl


    The week of the hearing is upon us, and we are joined by Bible Girl, as we recap a recent court session, get pumped for the upcoming one, and delve into Britney's many posts from her recent solo trip to Hawaii, 
  • Britney's Gram podcast

    Going Dark


    Just when we were starting to be unsure about the upcoming investigation, the news breaks that Jamie Spears has gotten physical with one of Britney's kids, and a restraining order has now been placed against him by K-Fed. We discuss how this could shake up the conservatorship and dissect what B might be going through right now via her new brown hair. 
  • Britney's Gram podcast



    The September hearing is approaching and the feed is as mysterious as always. Babs reports back on a morning spent in the probate law court, a Twitter-only post leads us to spend more time thinking about Nascar and Monster energy drink than we care to, and we attempt to unravel the mystery of the 6K Louboutins. 

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