Blockchain 2025 podcast

Blockchain 2025

Blockchain is a technology that will disrupt nearly every industry. We explore one industry in every episode. How will blockchain change art, music, or online advertising? What projects are already underway? Listen to find out. Hosted by Matt Aaron & Blake Moore. Part of the podcast network.

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  • Blockchain 2025 podcast
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    Fighting Equifax, Data Privacy - Reuben Metcalfe of Class Action Inc (Humans of Bitcoin)


    This is a repost from the Humans of Bitcoin podcast. Please subscribe to Humans of Bitcoin for more episodes like this.
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

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  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    Money, Politics and Decentralized Governence - Santi.Eth of Democracy Earth


    Repost from Humans of Bitcoin podcast: "A look at DAOs, political organizing, and latin america from one of the thought leaders of the Ethereum ecosystem, Santi Siri."
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    A Rare Interview with the CEO of - Peter Smith


    One of the oldest companies in the space, has staying power. With over 40 million downloads, has a large share of bitcoin transactions and the #1 downloaded wallet. In 2011 the term "blockchain" was not a word. It was not a thing. In fact their website, at the time, was the first page on the internet to ever use the word. Back in the day (2011), it made the decision to take the non-custodial approach. This was in contrast to Coinbase's custodial approach. Years later, Peter is still grinding it out at the headquarters in London. Peter takes an unconventional approach to life and business. As Peter states, "even Roger thinks I'm weird." Entering uncharted territory for the company, they finally decided to launch an exchange of their own, PIT, which is billed to be the fastest crypto exchange on the market!
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    The EU Blockchain Innovation Report


    "Our vision is that the first wave of blockchain adoption will be characterised by a large number of permissioned, purpose-built blockchain platforms geared towards a specific use case or user base.” -EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum In a special episode, Matt and Blake review the recent report by the European Union.  How does one of the largest Government entities see the future of blockchain technology? Listen to find out.
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    Decentralized Finance with Zac Prince of BlockFi


    Decentralized Finance or "DeFi" is a hot topic in the blockchain world. And for good reason. The ability to establish credit and provide loans using cryptocurrency and smart contracts opens up liquidity for the entire world. Joining us on today's show is Zac Prince of BlockFi, a blockchain lending company. We discuss the future of DeFi as well as the role played by centralized companies for cryptocurrency backed loans.
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    Phones (Samsung, HTC, Storage, Commerce)


    The news of Samsung adding a cold storage wallet to their flagship phone, the S10, sent a bullish signal to the bitcoin and blockchain world. The Korean technology magnate, which also is producing mining chips, is bringing cryptocurrency to cell phones. This is a big deal. The majority of Samsung customers, who are non-cryptocurrency users, will have built in exposure to cryptocurrency in the most important electronic device they own. We take a look at blockchain phones and the importance of the cell phone in cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption.
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    BONUS: Patrick Byrne on Humans of Bitcoin


    Blockchain 2025 listeners, we recently published an interview with CEO Patrick Byrne on the Podcast Network. We reposted it here: It's a fascinating dive into the future of blockchain from a brilliant polymath who is making things happen right now, from Wall Street to Zambia to Tulum. Enjoy and please subscribe to the Humans of Bitcoin podcast.
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    Pivots - When ICOs change the roadmap


    When you start a business, you can't predict how it will play out in the real world. Take Twitter: they started out as a podcasting company! ICO and blockchain projects are no exception and many have altered their models. Evolve or die. Accelerated by the bear market, many teams are hurting for cash and have to change their business model in order to survive. We cover ICO and token protocols including a decentralized AirBnB, publishing platform, Ripple and more. How this will affect investors and the industry as a whole?    
  • Blockchain 2025 podcast

    Predictions Markets, Veil, Augur (Part 2) - Ryan Berckmans


    Part 2 with Ryan Berckmans of the Forecast Foundation. If you haven't listened to part 1, find it here: In part 2, here are a few of the topics we cover: Making journalism more accountable Improving social media conversations Redefining the word expert Open up many new economies

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