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Bisexual Brunch - Lewis challenges GB News presenter over 'Bi's don't exist' comment, why is biphobia rife in the LGBT community?, Bisexual Brunch unites in support of trans people, your voice and sexuality and when to approach a threesome

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History in the making! This is the UK's first regular mainstream show for bisexuals. Hosted by bi activist and writer Lewis Oakley and bisexual journalists Nichi Hodgson and Ashley Byrne, Bisexual Brunch is a unique podcast for people from all over the world who identify as bi to come together and celebrate their sexuality.  Bisexual Brunch along with Nichi, Ashley and Lewis were included in the UK Pride Power List  2021. Lewis managed to stay in the list in 2022 and soared to No 79 while MIM, the production company behind Bisexual Brunch was also named UK Production Company of the Year 2021 (Silver winner). Most recently it was revealed Bisexual Brunch's listening figures are in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide - and the show reaches 108 countries, more than half the world!

In this edition, how Lewis challenged biphobia directly on national TV in the UK, the team tackle the issue of biphobia in the LGBT community. Nichi, Ashley and Lewis declare their support for the trans community in the face of horrendous abuse, they discuss what voices might tell us about sexuality - and the latest Ask a Bisexual question is all about when to approach the subject of a threesome in a straight facing relationship. There's no bisexual journey story this time - a bumper edition of stories coming soon.

Bisexual Brunch is produced in Manchester and London.

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