Beyond Asian: Stories of the Third Culture podcast

Beyond Asian: Stories of the Third Culture

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The Third Culture is what emerges at the intersection between your culture of origin, and the other cultures by which you’ve been shaped.

Beyond Asian is a place for stories of global nomads with Asian roots, brought up in diversity.

Together, we explore the interplay of our pasts with our presents, and our relationships with the multiple cultures we move in.

These are more than conversations about Asian identity - they’re portraits of whole people - what keeps them up at night, what their hearts long for, and the impact they hope to have on their communities.

I’m your host, Sen Zhan, a Third Culture Kid born in China, raised in Canada, and currently based in Berlin. This series is a first step towards making peace with my own Asian background, and it’s my hope that other Third Culture Asians will hear themselves reflected in our stories.

New episodes on Sundays, every 2 weeks.

27 épisodes