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Khoa and Keren become a youtuber and cry. Support this podcast:

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    Closing Down Keren's Business


    shutting down kickass workouts, our school system, how happy keren is and her glucose test tomorrow. --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    How much we earn on YouTube, our credit scores and how we budget our earnings.


    We got a ton of questions how much we earn on YouTube, how we budget our money and build our credit. Reach out to us on instagram @baytspodcast for more questions! --- Support this podcast:
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  • BAYTS podcast

    Baby #4 Name Hint + Making Time For Sex As Parents


    We talk baby names, how Khoa allegedly stole keren’s pregnancy pillow, everyone wants to hear about our sex life and more! --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    Life Update on KKandbabyJ (Pregnancy and Happiness)


    we talk about life and what we've been up to from pregnancy to a new car and just happy with where we are. --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    My Brother Is Not Dead


    story of our absence, the car accident, jackson walking in on us, corinna kopf and her best friend aircool --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    Q&A, $200K PPP Loan, Sex, Etc.


    We address this comment that we took out PPP loans and answer some questions you guys asked on our @baytspodcast instagram! If you don't follow us there already then please do! We love to interact with you. This is a funny episode and probably our favorite so far. --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    Our BIGGEST Financial Mistakes And How We Fixed Them


    Our financial struggles of spending way too much money. More money than we THOUGHT we had. Buying our cars and having to sell them. Our credit scores and how we dug our way out of this gigantic hole we put ourselves in.  --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    Khoa Comes Home Drunk..


    Khoa comes home after having drinks at his family's house and makes a move on Keren. What happens next? It's very exciting. I'm just kidding. We talk about an incident that happens at our home and why we don't blur our license plate anymore. What else should we talk about? School and instagram!  --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    The Worst Dental Nightmare Story I've Ever Heard


    Khoa and Keren debate about Tik Tok and the views. Keren talks about the business side and money you can earn from Tik Tok. Khoa talks about the vacation they went on and the Oreos that are always stuck to his teeth. Should we make a hotline for you to call? Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
  • BAYTS podcast

    Why We Fired Our Managers


    We got an interesting top request that Keren pops off about. She feels very strongly about being a hard working independent self managed influencer while Khoa listens like the rest of us. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

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