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The Fall of Kabul.

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    The Fall of Kabul


    Maitlis and Sopes return for an emergency episode to mark the end of America's decades long 'forever war'. We talk to US Airforce veteran Veronica Hoyer to ask if it was all for nothing? And the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, P. Michael McKinley tells us he is being contacted by former friends and colleagues appealing for rescue as Taliban forces enter Kabul. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan and Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
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    It's been a blast, Americast!


    We're signing off for a while, Americasters. Thanks for your company and your support. We'll be back next year to bring you all the build up to the midterm elections. So here's our last episode for now. As someone once said, "Have a good life. We will see you soon". While you're here, please could you vote for Americast at the British Podcast Awards! This episode was made by our wonderful producers, Caitlin Hanrahan and Natalie Ktena. It was mixed beautifully by Emma Crowe. The Editor is Dino Sofos.
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    Aliens Ate My Podcast


    The truth is out there... or at least it's about to be. Former Blink 182 frontman and UFO hunter Tom DeLonge speaks to Emily, Jon and Anthony ahead of the highly anticipated unclassified Pentagon report on UFOs. And with the Democrats' Voting Rights bill blocked, we discuss how the fight is far from over for Biden. Also, Slate Editor and Americast favourite Dahlia Lithwick tells us everything we need to know about Supreme Court Season and that conservative supermajority. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
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    Putin His Foot Down


    We're behind the scenes at the Swiss Chateau where Biden and Putin meet for their first talks – but did they see eye to eye? Emily, Jon and Anthony discuss if the US-Russia relationship can go from rock bottom to recovery. Also, following a testing week for Vice President Harris, we ask her former Communications Director Gil Duran whether we're witnessing a President in the making. And he doesn’t want to go on about it but Sopes had to give up his seat at the pub for a VERY special guest... Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
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    Summit Going On


    As Joe Biden touches down in the UK for his first foreign trip, the G7 summit of world leaders in Carbis Bay, Jon speaks exclusively to the president’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, about how the US will protect the Good Friday agreement and its interests around the world, as well as its rivalry with China and Russia. Back in Washington DC, we hear how one Democratic senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, is causing a political impasse that’s paralysing his own party. Studio Director: Nick Jones Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan, Daniel Wittenberg and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
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    Guess Who's Back?


    Ben Rhodes, the ex-White House deputy national security adviser and confidante to President Obama, comes on to talk about the global rise of authoritarianism and how American foreign policy helped shape what he calls the “the 9/11 generation.” And there’s a sensational comeback for one of the most influential men in Washington. Not Jon Sopel, another beauty (he’s still in London.) But Donald Trump, is preparing to hold the first post-presidential rally. We hear from POLITICO’s White House insider Anita Kumar about how Trump plans to stay relevant and why he’s always the elephant in the room for Joe Biden.
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    George Floyd: One Year On


    It’s been a year since the world watched as the life of a black man was extinguished under the knee of a white police officer, sparking months of protests nationally and internationally. It was a moment that demanded change. So has law enforcement learned any lessons? Nick Bryant rejoins Emily and Anthony from Minneapolis as we ask former White House special advisor and Americast regular, Ron Christie, whether issues of race are uniting or dividing the United States. And we talk through the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act with Lynda Williams, the country’s most senior black police executive.
  • Americast podcast



    The BBC’s legendary New York correspondent Nick Bryant swaps in for Sopes. He comes carrying a cocktail of stories, including how some states are using boozy incentives to boost their vaccination campaign. And as the President hardens his position on the Israel-Palestine conflict, we ask veteran pollster John Zogby why it puts Biden in a bind with his party. And hold on to your sequins! The Eurovision Song Contest is coming to the United States… and it’s going to get Political. We talk to one of its producers and America’s most fanatical Eurovision lover. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan and Daniel Wittenburg Editor: Dino Sofos
  • Americast podcast

    Cheney Reaction


    Following a long and bitter public spat, House Republicans have voted to remove their number three, Liz Cheney, from leadership - Emily, Jon and Anthony reflect on the massive moment. We go inside the room where it happened with Congressman Chris Stewart who explains why he decided to vote to remove Cheney. And, while the GOP is taking aim at itself, President Biden met with leaders of the House and Senate to discuss his trillion dollar legislative agenda. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
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    Facebook's Trump ban is upheld for six more months. Emily, Jon and Anthony discuss the decision and what Nick Clegg has to do with it. And it's war for the Republicans as establishment figures face off against loyal Trump supporters in a battle for who controls the party - former Republican congressman Denver Riggleman joins us to discuss why Trump adversaries like him, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are being turned on by their own. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Caitlin Hanrahan and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos

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